Sore fingers

Well this is a quick question which I could probably google my way out of but does anyone else have finger tips that sting? It's a new delight & my finger tips are also a bit red, but not swollen. I have been swishing paint around with my fingers so that could be it, but obviously I'm a bit worried that PsA is now going for my digits!

The first things that pop into my head are that the swelling is making them tingly. But here's another thought. . . .depending on which fingers, this could be from the wrist, for example carpal tunnel. It's the type of thing to take note of, but not worry about if it's temporary, in my book. If it continues, worsens, etc, then you can get it checked out.

With this humidity, I think my everything is swollen right now. You can always ice it too.

People with P can be very sensitive to things. If you have been swishing paint around with your fingertips, it could be that you have microabrasions or minor irritation which your body is trying to decide what to do with the irritation (and probably overreacting to).

I've had fingertip irritation before, and it's usually because I had some minor abrasions to my fingertips from something like scrubbing a table and having the cloth rub on my fingertips. What I would do in that situation is apply some ointment like Aquaphor and put on some cotton gloves to protect the area until it's clear what is going on.

Hummm...well maybe you just over did it a bit with your fingers. It's easy to not realize the strain until afterward, especially if it's a new area where you don't usually have pain and discomfort. I would avoid touching the paint. Definitely wear gloves.

Ouchie fingertips are my forte. Normally, I get rheumatoid nodules on my fingertips from over use along with swelling, and splinter hemorrhages in my nail beds and small pinpoint hemorrhages in my fingertip pads. I also get swollen cuticles, that fill with clear fluid that eventually reabsorbs and leaves dead tissue behind. My best description of the sensations I get are numbness (from cubical tunnel syndrome) and a constant ache, and stabbing sensation in the fingertips.

All of those things going on in one person makes me think that hand issues can be related to PsA, or anything under the sun! If its really bad, call your doc and make an appointment. In the meantime, stop using your fingers to stir paint! See if that helps at all. Someone mentioned using a soothing cream on your hands and wearing cotton gloves. That might help a lot too.

I get stinging in my fingertips when I run (yes, I run on my non-flareup days! I highly recommend it if you can do it). I agree that it might be related to humidity.

A friend suggested pinching my finger to my thumb on and off (lightly, like you’re picking up a piece of paper). This seems to make the pain less. I think it might provide back pressure to blood pooling in your extremest of extremities.

Hope this helps!

Yes my fingers and hands hurt a lot and are very lumpy now. Some doctors just don’t care enough. Just found a rheumy who does! Yay

Oh, my, Grumpy - I think I have everything you just described. Most just started recently - with my carpal tunnel issues and pustular psoriasis flare.

Sybil - I hope you figure it out soon - definitely worth talking to your doctor about. Mine said my incredibly sensitive fingertips could be due to my carpal tunnel / PsA issues - definitely something inflammatory...and I looked at him and said, "What do I have that's NOT related to inflammation? " and we both laughed.

I got it-its almost at the point that you would hit the computer key with your finger-they sting and then at times get a bit numb. I hate to reply without a solution. I am just begining the PsA journey-on my third round of prednisone waiting to be seen by a doc.

Don't forget Reynaud's. It is 90 or better outside, yet when I get chilled by too much AC my finger tips start tingling and burning. I have to keep myself a warm zone to keep the circulatory issues at bay.

Sounds like a flare to me, Sybil, I am sorry to say. I have had flares of PsA that were were proceeded by a flare of P usually in a place I injured the skin. I think this is called the Koebbner Phenomenon though I seem to always forget how to spell it! I think I have a mental block to it!

This is a genius statement Sybil! Autoimmune diseases are, in general, like getting caught in a net. I love the metaphor. If you don't mind, could I share it with my autoimmune disease support group?

Sometimes I wish my disease was more clear cut, like a prison cell, as you said. But then I think of how well I know to deal with PsA stuff, and how much worse something clear cut would be. That's my experience talking, however. To someone relatively new to the dx the disease must seem like a hydra... cut off one head (symptom) and two more appear. It can get mighty tiring fighting the hydra...

(I thought of the hydra because I have mythology on the brain.... just saw Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters this afternoon with my 12yo).

sybil said:
I think I expect disease to be like a prison cell with very well defined parameters but it's more like being caught in a net ......

It just takes time to get the swing of things. Every day really is a new one when you have PsA! Things are constantly changing on you, but eventually you will find a rhythm within the chaos.