Itchy fingers but no flaky skin

Does anyone get itchy fingers but without any other psoriatic signs?

My fingers drive me mad especially in the morning when I wake up. But, the skin is clear and not flaky and I wouldn’t say they are particularly swollen (although my rings are a bit stuck and hard to take off). No redness either but they feel very hot.

Is this another part of our weird condition?

Yeah I had them all the time… now they still itch but everything is itching along with them :wink:

On the fingers that itch the most I do get tiny little white circles (like tiny popped blisters) sometimes… and the fingers that itch the most are once with the nails infected… so I do feel like it’s psoriasis linked… As I do with the all over itch I have right now… it didn’t start until I stopped taking Arava and didn’t get anything in its place… I really hope I’m right and that Stelara will get it under control again…

Anyway long story just to say yes :wink:

Hi yael, yes, the palms of my hands itch and get sore, especially the thumb pad. There’s nothing to see except [quote=“Cynthia, post:2, topic:7113”]
tiny little white circles (like tiny popped blisters)
[/quote] Thanks Cynthia for nailing that description! Obviously the hands are hard-working things but this arrived at the same time as a nearly all-over psoriasis flare that has now cleared up. My itchy palms seem to be one of the areas left over from that.

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The palm of one hand got exceptionally itchy for several months and it turns out I have the start of Dupretryns with nice little nodules to show for it now. My fingers also get itchy sometimes and I put that down to tendon issues rather than skin issues. Have no idea if I’m right or wrong though.

I’ve been getting that lately, but I also just had an outbreak of pustular psoriasis. I don’t know if there’s any connection.

Thanks fellow sufferers…it’s good to know I’m not the only one but sorry for you that you itch too. :cry:

I’m thinking it might be a very very mild form of pustular psoriasis… I get those “blisters” on my feet as well…

That’s something that’s gone through my mind as well, if there is a mild form.

This is still driving me mad. Now swollen slightly too. Today is our wedding anniversary and I’ve had to take my wedding ring off!!

So…what do you do for relief? I’ve tried sticking them in the freezer and loads of hand cream but that brings only slight temporary relief… Any other tips?

It hasn’t happened in my hands, but when my biologic was failing and I was switching to another, my skin all over (except my hands!) was itchy and driving me crazy, especially in the evening. I was seeing the psychiatrist about switching my anti-depressant and I happened to mention the itching. His suggestion? A small dose of a tranquilizer. I told him that was out of the question, and I wasn’t going down that road. He had some explanation about types of nerves and sensitivity that I didn’t really understand, but he convinced me and I accepted the prescription. It was crazy: I’d take 1/2 or 1/4 of a normal dose (can’t remember how much that was) and the itching stopped. I did that each evening for about five days, and and itching was gone. Don’t ask me, it was the shrink’s idea. LOL

Could your hands be itching because of the swelling, or might the swelling be from rubbing and scratching your hands?

I think I’d be at least letting your rheumatologist and/or GP know. And let us know how this plays out!

Happy anniversary. And how is your husband doing?

Thanks Seenie…my husband is amazingly fine…had a tough few months but caught it early and now just has to go for regular checkups. We’re celebrating this and our anni in Zanzibar! Just arrived yesterday. Itch or no itch…pain or no pain …Im going to have fun!!


How fantastic and fantastically exotic is that! Congratulations.

Yes! I just took my Stelara shot last week. I think when the inflammation is active, I itch. Still waiting for Stelara to kick in. My sed rate has increased in the past 3 months also.

On the other hand (no pun intended) I also had to stop taking all antihistamines for a week so I can be tested tomorrow. Everything seemed to flare. Eyelid swelling, itchy eczema patches and scalp itching. Nothing to see on hands but that are itching in various spots too. Can’t wait to take an antihistamine after my appt. tomorrow!!