Some great advice from Sheila Wall, Fibromyalgia moderator of Ben's Friends

Pantothenic Acid-(vitamin B5) dissolves lactic acid in the muscles. Sheila says that she learned through a University football coach that taking this 500mg every 6 hours helped keep the team off narcotics, and that it also HEALS the liver and stomach!

D-ribose for fatigue

Diclifenac 10% cream- a prescription that can be mixed by a pharmacist, she says that most pharmacies cannot do this, but it is similar to Voltaran Emulgel which is only 1.6%. It is somewhat numbing and anti-inflammatory.

One of the better source of b complex vitamins including pantothenic acid (B5) is BEER The yeastier and hoppier the better (barley beers) IPA would be my recomendation.

However if you really want to load up, Beerwurst or Bratwurst has more, cooked in beer is really loaded washed down with a beer better....

Sounds delicious to me lamb! Cheers! Speaking of beer, it's wing night at the local bar!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they may be calling my name....................

Actually lamb, I posted this info for a few who are may need to use this to heal their liver, and I quickly lost that thought when you mentioned beer.

Well just use the sausage then. :-) While I generally have no problem with supplements B complex is one that CAN be a problem. B from natural (read food) can be healing, too much from supplements can have the opposite effect. I wouldn't use without a Dr.s direction and blood work (but thats just me.....)

Heres a fairy good article:

Good idea lamb, and it may be why those huge Bcomplex vitamins give me such bad indigestion. You can even target the foods rich in just B5 like broccoli, corn, mushrooms...

Also wanted to add that years ago when they finally, after nearly 20 years of agony, found my gall bladder was dead and stuck fast to my liver, I took truck loads of milk thistle, as advised by my DC and it healed it up my liver rather quickly. Surgeon said that had I not been going for acupuncture, I would have been as yellow as a daffodil!