Question for you lamb, please

We are discussing a coumpound cream that one of the gals from the Fibro site is prescribed. It does not have a name, just ingredients

Ketamine, baclofen, cyclobenaprine, diclofenac, gabapentin, tetracycline, gabapentin.

I do not have the exact amounts of each, it is ordered by mail at a compoind pharmacy. Besides FMS, she has Osteoarthritis, and has had several fractures of the femur from Osteoperosis brought on by use of Fosamax.

Would you please give me the ingredients of the cream that your pharmacy makes for you, and the amounts of each ingredient if you can.

Thanks a thousand,


Dicloflonec 5% DMSO 5% lidocaine 5% in lipopderm

Thats an interesting mix, Ketamine is what we use around here in trranqulizer darts for bears (I'm sure it has other uses) The muscle relaxants and neuospasms stuff I get but the antibiotic????

I know, I was surprised by the same 2 ingredients! The gal who is using this was a Physician's Assistant for an Internist. She says That Tetracline has anti-inflammatory properties!

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Tetracycline is part of the "diet cure" believing the disease is caused in the gut. They used to make acne cream out of it so prolly no harm

'Fibrokitty' adds "the most important use of custom-compound ketamine cream is the reduction of allodynia (a painful sensation elicited by a non-painful stimulus) and as a tolerance protective agent".

Yes, we just had one of our nurses go into the 'leaky gut theory'!

I had to add my 2 cents (sorry 40 years of nursing....) The Ketamine in this scares the hell out of me. It was used in horses for orthopedic procedures as it paralyzes (sp?) without losing consciousness. It is also a date rape drug known as "special K". Frightening stuff even if topical. I have seen signs in really bad neighborhoods that say "No Ketamine on premises (sp?)" on Animal Hospitals.