The most dangerous med I take!

Is certainly not what you might think, unless you've done your homework. It's not Enbrel, not Morphine, not Ethyl Chloride, not even the Lyrica, it's an anti-inflammatory, and it is THE reason I need to have fasting blood tests every two months.

Works very well, helps my pain better than anything else, unless it's the central canal stenosis that kicks up. You could be putting yourself in just as much danger with OTC meds for pain and inflammation. Be sure to always tell your Doctor about all OTC meds!

NASIDs! My favorite too! I take 500 mg naproxene twice a day and it has made all the difference!

Oh I know! I was taking 1800 mg of Daypro, Rheum said "no, no, no, maximum dosage is 1200mg, and even then, it's the most dangerous drug you take! He recommended I take morphine more often!

Oh SK you are so right. So glad you told your rheumy. And glad to see you back over here. :)

Hi Elizabeth! Missed you, my friend! Having a good summer with the children and grandchildren, I hope?


What an excellent point :slight_smile:

After less than two years I’ve had osteopenia from steroids, gastrointestinal bleeding (probably triggered by NSAIDs, but now likely with much more serious long term effects), with not-so-serious (but not fun) fatigue and nausea from MTX, but not a squeak from Enbrel or Humira.

Great reminder!

Hi Jen!

I have osteopenia and cannot even tolerate steroids! Even on high dose pharmaceutical grade cal cit/mag from my DC, but the Rheum and Internist tell me there is a hereditary factor there, as well as the autoimmune. So I'll be one of the Fosamax users very soon! I did not do well on MX either, SZ, a stomach ulcer!

I am still on Enbrel, went from the 50 mg auto shot once a week, causing me too much 'drag' in between meds to the 'build it mix it' 25 mg twice a week. It's been a rough summer, it never just rains all of our rain comes in the form of one severe storm after the other! As to the Enbrel the Rheum told me that originally, the Enbrel was introduced as the twice weekly shot as the med only stays in the body for 3 days. He said the 'drag' was exactly what was happening!

That's a great reminder to talk to all of our doctors about ALL the drugs we're taking. I saw a gp when my regular gp was on vacation and she prescribed me a drug that could have killed me after failing to thoroughly read the list of drugs I was taking at the time and note the fact that I have low blood pressure.

oh yes! I was on 1000mg of Naproxen daily in 2010... I ended in severe abdominal pain! They did a colonoscopy and found Gastritis. I had to take nexium for 3 months to heal and I am permanently on Prilosec daily and Zantac before every meal. Even to this day because I now have GERD.

Absolutely! Though the blood tests monitor the liver and kidneys, the stomach is usually the first to suffer!

When my gall bladder went bad, the first thing the 'Digestive Disorders' Physician asked was if I was taking an anti-inflammatory, as they were thinking stomach ulcer.

The Sulfasalazine was the one that caused me the ulcer. In hind site of the problems I had with MX and SZ, at least it enabled me to get to the Enbrel.