Hello! New here!

I have had psoriasis for 40 yrs and fibromyalgia for 20 yrs. Started with stiffness and joint pain in hands, wrists hips, ankles & knees oh… Neck too. Derm thinks I have psa & rheumy thinks I don’t. Blood test were negative for other arthritis. X-ray of hands didn’t show any thing. Just started methotrexate and took my 2nd dose of 15mg on sun nite. Had a bad headache last week for 3 days and am nursing another bad one that started @ 2:00 this morn. Yuck… Nausea not too bad, little fatigued but not too bad. Anyone know what’s good for mtx headaches?

Ice pack on the back of the neck worked for me.......

Hi tntlamb, I have no experience with MTX headaches, but wanted to welcome you to the community. I'm sure others will have suggestions. It's a great group!

@tntlamb...Thanks for the tip...i tried ice yesterday and it kind of worked, and I still have the headache so...I am going to use ice again. I thought raising my folic acid level would help...no luck with that. This does seem like a great group as i belong to a few others...and they don't seem as helpful.

tntlamb said:

Ice pack on the back of the neck worked for me.......

b complex vitamins has worked wonders for me, headache fatigue and stomach upset it has been a life saver! my rhumey suggested it to me last week and i have already noticed a huge diffrence, I was getting these migrane like headaches they were awful but the b complex has really helped me.

Good luck!

i did buy a b-12 1000 mg sublinqual which i take along with b-6. should i be taking more than 1000? does it need to be a b-complex? what is in your b-complex and how many mgs. do you take?