Some Good News

Fourth dose of MTX now out of the way, and I am pleased to say I am still alive and well. I started on 4 tablets for the first couple of weeks, followed by 5 on the third week, and then 6 yesterday. The rheumy was fine with this, although she said it probably wasn’t necessary to build up in that way, but understood it eased my fears somewhat. But I think she was right.

I was a bit “weepy” for a day or two after the first two doses, but I think this was stress more than the tablets. I have had the same feeling today, but there are other things going on that I can put that down to - besides, it happens with the bipolar anyway.

And I can confirm no gastric side effects (famous last words!), no horns growing on my head…and no improvement in the PsA either, but still early days for that methinks!

Also, I saw my GP today and managed to get the blood test results that the hospital have been taking for the MTX, and they are all fine so far as well. In fact the GP noted that this was the first time they have come back in 8 years without anything highlighted in red on them! So it seems that, for once, I have nothing to worry about which is rather nice.

I think now I have taken a full dose and not landed in the loo the next day, I can assume that it’s not going to happen in the future either, and can therefore not live in dread of Thursday nights anymore!

So, it’s underway. Now we wait for it to work - and, if it doesn’t after all this, I’m going to scream very very loudly!


No horns growing on your head …? You’re ahead of the game! So glad it’s going well darinfan.

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That really is good news darinfan. Well done you!:grinning: