New Life perhaps?

Today has been a pretty good day all around with mild pain. Thank goodness! I take MxT tomorrow and I feel like I have been really giddy today and that tomorrow once I take my pill my new life will begin. Does anyone else feel likes this before they take a new med or is it just me because I have done anything like this before?

I so wanted to start the meds when I was first diagnosed, but I wasn’t excited like that. MTX didn’t give me side effects and didn’t work, so then the Rheumie added sulfasalazine and hydroxychloroquine. No SEs and no improvement. After that, I went on leflunomide. It helped a wee bit, but gave me diarrhea, and I felt like a bag of dirt. That was good enough for the rheumie, but not good enough for me. The whole try-this-try-that thing was getting really old. I asked for a biologic. She refused. Then I got angry, and made arrangements to go to a specialty clinic.
There, they told me that I NEEDED a biologic, there was no alternative. I got a Rx for Enbrel, and THAT is when I got so excited, I could hardly sleep. I couldn’t wait – I knew this was a major step towards feeling better. And indeed, it was a turning point for me. I noticed some very slight changes within a few days, enough to make me think that this was going to work. And indeed, it did. Took a long time though: five months later, I was still noticing small but unmistakable improvements.
The disappointing thing about these medications is the long time it takes for them to work.
Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you.

Yes, I can remember being excited. In spite of some treatment disappointments I still have hope and excitement inside me ready to "go" for when my next medication comes through. Wishing you every bit of luck for taking the mtx and I hope that it works for you .... as Seenie says, though, it can take a few weeks so just stick with it and stay super positive. You are an absolute inspiration for all of us oldies!

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