Sleep problems

Can't sleep well for days, perhaps weeks, then sleep for more than one day straight, being so stiff you can barely move...

Any suggestions?

SK, no, just that your body desperately wants and needs that sleep so GOOOOO for it.

Hi Pet!

The sleep was great! Just got the 8th shot of Enbrel, so looking forward to feeling some of it's goodness.

Hubby came back from errands with the baby for a quick surprise visit, he is so tan, no sign of psoriasis on him, he took me out for a long walk and it helped my stiff body! Glad I was able to be out with him before the storm came in, thought it was over, but sounds like another is coming in.

Glad you put your photo up, and also glad your little buddy Duncan Joe is doing okay, the kids and pets surely do keep us going.

Be back later when the storms are over, don't need the PC to get fried!

Get you to a sleep center(or something). Fitful sleep yes, poor sleep, yes what you are describing NO

Read this:

Circadian rhythms are as pronounced if not more so in RA (Yeah I know, but almost always they apply this stuff to us)

Your body Knows its supposed to sleep but doesn't. Crashing and burning doesn't provide it rest.... Even a short amount of sleep during the right time is extrodinarily helpful. You just need to know when that is. a 20 minute nap can be as helpful to you as 8 hours at night.

Also FWIW for me I found pain and sleep apnea were not a good combo..... There was no way my body would rest.

I am so tired rite now. My wife is at work and grandma and grandpa came over and. Wanted to take the kids and I to Skyline but I’m way too tired for that kind of adventure. I can force myself if is with m y wife but don’t really want to handle the kids in a restaurant rite now. Besides now I’m home alone watching is always sunny in philadelphia and just relaxin for a few mins anyway. Should have gone with them though we have no food fr adults in this house hahaha.

Well, Redsfan, too late to call for the food to go for you! Spaghetti O's it is!

Thanks for the info lamb, hubby went for the study, didn't sleep one minute, said it was a $10 mattress at best, so I know it would be a bust for me, unless they changed it, can always call.

I will ask Docs when I see them both end of next month. I know GP continues to test for it, still suspects SLE. I surely can live without any add ons.

Shoot, just lost my response to this thread AGAIN!

Sleep study I went to was also FREEZING cold, SK. Wouldn't work for you.

I sure as heck hope you don't have lupus on top of everything else but if your GP suspects it, there must be a reason. Sleep troubles also run with SLE, don't they? Egads, SK, let's hope that's not another of your immuno diseases.

I just cannot do freezing! As for adding to the list, I know, Pet, let's hope I've reached the finale!

I didn't know anyone went to a sleep center anymore (except maybe to get a cpap setting) If apnea is the suspected problem ther is aliitle gizmo they tape on your finger. (its the same as an oximeter) it records cost $5.00 here from the oxygen service. If they are trying to find sircadian rhytms to help find sleep patterns for pain control etc. they do a recording eeg like a holter monitor.

The " go in and sleep for mega buck sleep centers" are closing in a lot of areas.

No apnea for me! Just pain mostly, but it's Saturday, so I am feeling the love from the Enbrel shot yesterday, once I got to sleep last night, slept like a rock, about time!

Mega bucks for sure as far as cost!!!