Side effects from humira

Anyone ever get a lot of fluid retention as side effect ??? side effects at all .... yet

I have been on Humira for about 2 months and have noticed that my legs have been swelling. I wasnt sure what was causing it maybe from this.

I have only had one humira injection so far but I have noticed that my jaw is very sore, i mean it hurt before but now it is more sore than swollen...but no fluid retention I would call my doctor about that.

YES! which was the last straw for me i am stopping my treatment with it ..heading next week back into the rheumaklinik =/

Thanks for the replies, so maybe it is a side effect then, mine is starting to go down as I am now on diuretics but pluse still up and blood pressure up too
Bloods normal, xray nomal, cardiograph normal, so must be extra weight urging pressur on my system