Serious side effects with Humira

I’ve now had four doses of Humira, but after my second dose I began experiencing more pain and more weakness.

At first when I got out of bed In the morning, my left leg, in particular, would give way. I did not fall and this weakness stopped with a step or two. Now I have to shorten the distance of my steps in order not to cause pain. I have difficulty walking any distance and cannot take my daily walk. I cannot do a physical therapy exercise for the hip flexor that I was doing just a short time ago, and my PT has given me an easier one to do. I also very suddenly have tight quads and pain there as well. New exercises for them, too.

These symptoms began a couple of weeks ago. After I took my daily walk I was in a lot of pain. I called my rheumatologist then but he wanted me to continue the Humira. He reminded me that it takes 3 to 4 months for the med to be effective.

I just looked up uncommon side effects. “Serious” SE include new joint pain and weakness in your legs. These words cover a lot of territory and certainly apply in my case. Anyone else with similar symptoms?

I will call my rheumatologist again tomorrow, Monday, to schedule an appointment with him, hopefully, this week. But, I’m interested in your take on this.

Call with the update tomorrow, and spell it out like you’ve spelled it out here. If he wants you to stay on the Humira he’ll have to examine you and explain why he’s not concerned about what’s going on.

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