I started humira two weeks ago and i'm noticing weakness in my legs from above knee and up my leg. Has anyone experienced this. I gave an enjection last week and this week to start with. I never thought i would be dealing with this and i guess i never knew the severity of psoriatic arthiritis. I guessed i learned.

Hi Donna, I’ve never had weakness in my legs, except caused by inflammation, and I take my humira in my stomach.

I don’t know if you have spine involvement - I do, and at its worst, my legs actually went numb and I could barely walk due to pressure on nerves from inflammation (only lasted a day, but at least while it was numb, no pain! - so scary though). It’s not a nice feeling - so run through the things it might be (including inflammation), in your own head, then head to your rheumy and/or GP and talk to them.

I've had week legs from a bad back. Take good care of your back. Idk if you've had back problems? I, too, never thought that psoriatic arthritis would hit me, even though I got psoriasis in my early 20s. I was supposedly so rare. Hmmmm, really?