Should I stop

I am working still but when I take my MTX on thursday night makes me feel like I want to die. It was my 4th week. I had the worst HA ever. I have mouth sores. . My stomachaches, I am dizzy.It hasn't help one bit,it has made my life worst. I can not call in every friday ., I did last week. This is also my weekend to work. I see my Md on monday. I am also on predinisone, prilosec, sulfazaine, folic acid. Do i stick with it longer or do you can it quit. Suggestion please

Well, I'm no Dr so don't expect a great answer.

MTx is known to cause issues as you described and as 2Trees says MTX can be injectable and helps reduce side effects. If you are seeing your MD monday ask for his opinion and call your Rheumy. I don't think they make it their business to make your life miserable. They may be able to do something for you quickly, such as change meds or instruct you in a supervised way.

I was told to take it on a day where you don't plan to do anything the next. I'm not sure, are you saying that you are calling into work every Friday? Or calling your Dr? I take mine Saturday night because it gives me a day before going back to work if I need it.

I take it thursday and called in to work last friday…wanted today but didnt want to be called into the office

You need to give it more time but get changed on to injectable. I hope you called in sick today or yesterday. Start taking it on Friday nights and explain to your boss that you will be unable to work weekends for at least 8 more weeks . Don't quit yet. Are you taking 5mg of folic acid 6 days a week? Are you taking gravol 15 minutes before injesting the MTX? You can keep taking gravol as perscribed on the bottle plus get some ginger candies to suck on and gingerale to drink. Drink lots of water too. There is over the counter medicine called Fletchers sore Mouth Medicine. helps with the sores but you will probably need to get onto injectable for sure. Talk to your doc about sulfasalizine. I do not/nor have heard or read about anyone having any kind of luck with sulfasalizine. But what do I know I am not a doctor. I hope you have had a better last couple of days. good luck to you on Monday. Really throw a cookie and tell your doc that there is no way you can keep on this way.


Dear Denise,

I was just taken off MX, had blisters all over the inside and outside of my mouth, and not only was I no better, but worse! I was taken off the Sulfasylazine, which gave me a stomach ulcer, before being put on the MX.

Sure hope you are better by now!