Sharp pain on bone at this location

It might have come about at a accupuncture session 2 weeks ago, or possibly my last infusion 3 1/2 weeks ago. Any ideas? Would this be a enthisitis site? It is a continous sharp pain.

More at this point.


It could well be Jon. I consider enthesitis is anywhere along the length of a tendon or ligament, not in my case just at the insertion sites. And for me the continuous sharp pain is familar. Does it ease at all on icing the spot?

Yes, ice did help.
The pain is right on the bone, about 1” up from the knuckle. Maybe there is a attachment point there, I will look it up.

Looks like a ligament is attached in the exact spot!

Possibly OA? Hesitate to say that 'cos I hate it when I’m told ‘it’s only OA’. And it is a little way off the joint … but pain doesn’t always occur at the site of the problem and OA in hands causes sharp-ish pain for sure. It’s a pain that ‘goes right through you’, very ouchy.

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Doesn’t feel like my other hand OA, this was kind of sudden, but I guess OA can do that. Kind of feels like a injury…
I will see if the next Remicade infusion makes a difference with it. Maybe I can talk my Rheumy into taking a quick look when she US images the fingers next visit, I doubt she will, but I can always ask…

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Also, no sign of OA on the xrays…

Looks pretty smooth there.

Oh, I remember what I did, I dropped a heavy lathe chuck on my hand a couple of weeks ago, forgot all about it! I might have a hairline fracture.
It hurt at the time, but I did not connect the dots until I did a search for metatarsal pain…
We live with so much pain, that you forget when you actually have a cause for the pain! Geez…



It’s amazing how we react to an actual injury after so long of just accepting random pain. I finally seem to have shaken what seemed to be pain sensitivity after years of it. How did I know?

Well I accidentally banged the side of my hand on the corner of a brick wall when gardening. I hurt a bit when I did it, but I hopped on one foot for a couple of seconds and swore, then put some gloves on and went back to gardening. Two hours later, I pull the gloves off, and there’s an egg - the size of a big quail egg - of swelling on the side of my hand, with bruising and blood pooling in the knuckle on my little finger and at the base of my hand around the wrist. It was so deformed looking, it looked broken! But it really didn’t hurt much at all. It freaked me out so much I got bloods done. No call from the Rheum, so obviously nothing to see there!

I had to acknowledge that obviously I just hit it pretty hard, so on a positive note it seems I’m finally back to a place where my body is no longer primed to treat every little pain like an alarm bell. Super surreal, but in a good way :rofl:

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Jen, I am happy to not be the only one…
To give you a idea on what fell on my hand, and how oblivious I was…

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Happy New Year!

This thread is so completely me now. I regularly bash myself and even fall over. Last falling over ‘joke’ was last week, walking the dog in a field of ridiculous anthills of the english variety though, so small hillocks in the grass. And yes you’ve guessed it, I ended up flat on my face all of a sudden. Completely winded with my pride sinking to my boots. Right ribs hurt a bit, vaguely thought I might have cracked one but did nothing about it other than yelp every time I was trying to get up off the sofa. Verdict is now it can’t have got cracked as it’s slowly getting better. Previously I would have rushed myself off for an xray! Instead I took myself back home allowing the others continue the walk and on my way back I was carefully sheperded by the 6 sheep in that field, which made me laugh instead of crying.

Otherwise I regularly discover bumps and bruises in the shower and wonder which knock against something caused which one. It’s embarrassing sometimes when you’ve got a medical appointment and get a physical examination as truly I can look like a victim of domestic violence sometimes, which I’m certainly not.

Glad you discovered the cause Jon, that lump of kit is pretty darn big, isn’t it?

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Oh that cracks me up Jon! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just shows you have a full life, if you managed to forget dropping that on your hand!!!

So wish I had a photo of the egg on my hand to add :grinning:. It was quite spectacular!

And @Poo_therapy, haven’t we come a long way?? :grin:.

This has given me a huge smile, thank you :two_hearts:

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My grandma used to look at me lurching around oblivious to hazards and shake her head sadly, muttering ‘no sense, no feeling’. Best way eh?


Yes, that is solid steel, quite heavy!
We take our lumps, and keep on trucking!

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Went to the doctors and got a xray, nothing showed up, but she doesn’t want me using my hand for a while. I have to finish a project, where I am putting in oak windowsills, so will have to get some help with that. Then the firemashal came and wrote me up on my wood shop, have to put on some outlet plates, clean up the sawdust, and make it navigable, translation it is a mess! So on top of PsA pain and fatigue, no help, andonly able to work on ittwo days a week, tis a real mash up!

Of course, I found a hairline crack on the xray… :crazy_face:

Only you @Jon. It does look like an increadibly heavy piece of metal though. Hope it heals up quickly.
If it helps your workshop sounds like it’ss resembling my office at home. Did all that clearing away of stuff for Christmas, it got dumped there, it’s still there… There’s a little space around the laptop for coffee etc but that’s it for now.

You probably know the feeling, exaustion, pain and fatigue is not conducive to cleaning things up! I can stare at it for hours… :grimacing:

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