Share your glimmer of light!

Trying to forget 2020? Oh yes, same here. But DON’T forget that there were some good things that happened to us this year too! Let’s put our heads together and come up with a list of small but good things to make us smile as 2020 passes – thank goodness – into history.

What was your small but good thing this year? Do tell! It will do everyone good to see some points of light!

Sharon from Modsupport learned to make masks. (Who would have thought that would ever be a good thing?). Seenie got into sourdough bread baking, and she’s got the waistline to prove it. TJ made his sister very happy by doing some home improvements for her.

Share your little glimmer on a reply below.

From all of us, warm wishes to you and yours in the coming year and always.

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I bloody well survived.

After being sent home and changing to work in remote, following initial dismay, realized had never really much lived home life before, a lifetime of long hours or periods out for work. So here is hoping for development of different space time perspectives, and the opportunity to share more time with one s family.

Survived but knackered! (British for…):grin:

I’ve confronted my fears about illness in a new way. For a couple of years now, I’ve struggled with the idea of buying a house in case I got too ill to pay the repayments. What if?

This year, I did the “what if” in a different way - what if I get sicker, can’t get a home loan, then die in a few years time? I’ll never really have had the chance to have a place I call mine. So I bought a house. And snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef.

And of course I live in one of the best-managed states and countries in the world from a health perspective (so far, touch wood), so I was lucky enough to have the chance to do those things, despite a year-long uncontrolled Crohns flare that just won’t go into remission.

After the initial sheer terror at the thought of Covid 19 (to include anxiety at a level I never experienced before) and the initial hellish fight to get slots for the delivery of groceries, I liked how much life slowed down, despite working from home the whole way through when many others in the UK were ‘furloughed’.

I started to feed the birds in my garden every morning which certainly made the first cup of coffee have a smile. It still does. I discovered adult ‘painting by numbers’ to which I’ve now become addicted. It takes a long time and certainly has stopped me drinking so much wine! A total win win :joy:

And given most of the UK was out walking in the countryside given the ‘furlough issues’ when they never did so previously, I discovered the beauty in virtually dawn walks with my dog to avoid them all. Seeing bluebell carpeted woods as the sun came up will stay with me always. Plus that it’s OK to spend pretty much months (other than these dawn walks) in the same private field daily throwing a ball for him, which is what we did initially given it was too damn scary to meet anyone at all.

We did however get to go on holiday in October to a converted windmill on the side of a river in the Norfolk Broads where you had to park your car a quarter of a mile away as there was no road leading to it. So we spent a week pottering about on a little boat just exploring the rivers and lakes (Broads). It was divine frankly. And the supermarket delivery man found us there too, thankfully.

I’m of the view presently that we’re just entering into the darkest hour before dawn with Covid 19 presently as this new far more infectious variant takes off in a daring race with the vaccine. So I intend to keep doing all these things until I receive that jab in my arm. And then we’ll see what’s what. I think the thing I’ve missed most is a meal cooked by someone else and cleaned up after by someone else. We haven’t even had a takeaway (bar once in Norfolk) since March. But that’s ensured we’ve eaten better and more healthily too, except for the wine consumption. :rofl:

I hope that there will be brighter days and once Covid is controlled or gone, life will be better than normal. It seems like a small thing but because of better eduction regarding public health, we haven’t seen the typical cold season and there has only been one confirmed case of influenza. The hand sanitation, staying home when sick and social respect has really helped curtail other things than just covid-19. It makes me think that society was really pretty “dirty”. So, there are good things to be learned from the pandemic that will benefit many. Right now, there is no standard protocol for a “shut down” of society. Once things are evaluated, perhaps there will be standardized ways to deal with future pandemics thus eliminating such diverse “experiments” of over protection or under protection. We are all “pioneers” in this and the next generation could benefit greatly!