Self back massage with a tennis ball!

Hi if any of you suffer with back pain of some sort, have you ever tried standing against a wall and place a tennis ball between you and the wall. Then find a tender spot and gently move around so the ball starts to massage your tender spots. It may take a while to finf a spot but boy it can feel like a painful pleasure. I recently did the same again but this time I lay on the floor. I have a very tight ham string and often pains in my left leg. So I took my time and eventually found a tender spot in my left buttock. It was so sickly when I found it I was quite shocked as how painful it was. Apparently it's a muscle beginning with a P and has a nerve running right next to it. Anyway I stay on the tender spot for about a minute each time. It feels a bit of a relief when I have finished !

A lovely former client of mine who is a physio gifted me two hard, spikey 'massage' balls when I was telling her about the problems I get in the tendons/muscles of my shoulder/back. It can be heavenly but plays havoc with our paintwork or wallpaper!

My physical therapist recommended a tennis ball sometime before(?) my shoulder surgery in 2013. After wearing out two, my husband and I figured out the firmness of a baseball was better for me. I have one here at home and carry one in my book bag (no purse) just in case I need a little help at work or out somewhere. "Painful pleasure" is exactly what it feels like. I've been known to tell my husband not to stop; it hurts sooooo good.

I have a tendency to get knots of muscle in my back. The physical terrorist also taught us about (I guess it's) accupressure with your thumb (well, my husband's) on those knots. Paul holds pressure 30-45 seconds, release and then pressure again. All I know is after he does it, I can feel the knot loosening. The physical terrorist says it loosens up because blood begins to flow to the area again.

I recognise that "painful pleasure" all too well!

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