Search function

I want to make a plug for the search function on this site (upper left of the page). I was talking with another member of the site today and something she said seemed familiar. So I hit the search button and there was this post from a few months ago with these INCREDIBLE answers from members and three different research articles to look up.

So, there's my plug. Use the search function and you might strike gold, too!


Hi Sybil! I think that the tag issue is really important. I'm not sure if the search function works ONLY on tags (doubt it). My guess is it searches both tags and within the discussion or blog text. I know that I often tag things ironically (like a recent tag: "shortattentionspan").

I wonder if it would help to offer some suggestions for folks. Tagging a post about prednisone with both "prednisone" and "steroid" would be really helpful then no matter which common phrase was searched for the post would show. I certainly don't want to give anyone any extra work to do!

The new features being added by the moderators regarding helping out "newbies" by having a whole slew of personal stories for new people to read through will be really helpful. I know I've re-written my treatment story a BUNCH of times. And I know I've responded to many discussions in a similar way. I've included URL's to recent discussions in responses to members who are asking questions about similar issues as a way to help other people from having to re-type their own answers! I know my hands would prefer to type less!!

sybil said:

Good plug Janeatiu, with a site like this that goes the extra mile searching past discussions is very rewarding. I suppose to make it work better we need to add accurate tags ...... or does that happen automatically? That's something I'm lazy about.