A few days ago I accadently took 10 Meloxicam pills instead of my methotrexate. (I’m only supposed to take 1 Meloxicam) I took it at 1pm and only figured it out at 9pm when it was time for me to take my Meloxicam pill. My mom called poison control and they actually didn’t help much. They didn’t ask what else I was on or try to see if it would interact badly with my other medicine. Just said “if you don’t feel sick your fine” so I had my dad try to get in touch with my doctor. We ended up reaching him around 11:30pm. Thankfully he said I passed the 1-2 hour window where I could get sick, ect. I did notice that I hurt wayyyyyy less the day after. Today the pain is coming back and my thumb swelled up. I hope when I go to the rheumy (soon) he will be able to find something that will take the pain away like that without the possible death like that… I’m so happy I’m ok though.

That’s definitely scary. Glad that you realized and sought out help.

My mom is a diabetic and has done this a few times with long acting vs short acting insulin. It can be dangerous to make mistakes with meds.

OMG that is scary! I'm glad that you are ok!

Thanks West_CoastMeg! Im glad I'm ok to! haha

Thanks Sybil, I think it was my dyslexia that did it. They are spelled so similar! (and look similar). I had to mark the containers so I know the difference. Im happy the medicine you accidentally took didn't do any damage!