Saw doc today

Hi, saw my doc today so I'm feeling a lot better than I did last week. Feeling a little less sorry for myself and a little more confident in the meds helping keep PsA under control.

Had to get a shot though for that latest finger that swelled up. I really hate the corti shots. I'm usually good with needles but those really hurt. My doc really is nice...and answered all my questions to my satisfaction for now. Anyway, apparently the Sulfa meds needs 6 months to really start to work.

I haven't been sleeping well for a couple months now so it's made me cranky and irritable. It was bound to eventually. Hoping I can get a decent sleep tonight. Stresses at work, home and then dealing with PsA hasn't helped. I guess it all adds up.

So.....I'm going on my treadmill now. Maybe that will help me sleep tonight. Not sure I can keep this up.

I'm wondering, how is it ppl can have so many cortisone shots? I thought there was a limit to 3 a lifetime...not sure where I heard that. My son is studying Kinesiology so maybe he told me.

I know it depends on the frequency and strength of the dose, right ?

Thanks everyone :)

And which joints.......

Usually it's a limit of three in a joint. However, I've done some reading about the use of cortisone shots for tendon inflammation, and it is not necessarily a good thing. If my fuzzy brain is remembering correctly, it can contribute to tendon rupture.

I was told I could have 3 a year in each finger and 3 a year of epidurals. They were all injected directly into the joint. It does contribute to tendon rupture but my understanding those injections are on the outside of the joint near tendon inserts. Sort of like having bursas injected on the outside of the joint. I found the ones outside the joints, in bursas, did not hurt that much and the epidurals were fine but the ones in the little joints of the fingers hurt like hell. I decided if I needed so many injections perhaps I needed to look at getting y PsA under better control. I have started Remicade and it may be working. I haven't had any more injections since the fungus meningitis outbreaks last year.