Root canal

Does one have to go off biologics for a root canal?

I don’t know… depends on the meds i think? I would call your reumathologist to ask… and your dentist.

Hi @Rebel_mom,

@Cynthia is right that it all depends on the meds. I think some rheumatologists and some dentist are more or less risk averse than others, too! Sorry about your root canal. :zipper_mouth:

Spoke to my rhumey and he said you don’t have to go off your meds. Yeah!! But boo for the root canal!

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Booo, root canal. Booooooo!!! :thumbsdown:

have you had one?

Nope. but you can mark me down as someone with a morbid and overwhelming fear of dental procedures.

This isn’t the same, but I had a lot of drilling for a crown a few months ago–there was bleeding–I thought it was squirting out it tasted so bad.
Anyway, I had asked my rheumy the same question, and he said to keep taking the biologic. However, I was more worried about being on a pill that prevents, or I should say, lessens, the clotting of my blood, so when I was tasting all that blood, I was getting a little nervous. It all turned out okay.
As far as a root canal–if they know what they’re doing, and usually a specialist does it, it is totally painless…just really scary.

I think an inflammatory arthritis affects your teeth too. Anyway. Without taking any medication…

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call for help. I passed out at drilling!

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And obvously you passed in again. Well done! Hopefully the horrid drilling recomenced and is well over now. Breathe slowly. If you’re hyperventiating use a paper bag or even your hands. I know - I’ve been there. Seriously. Now breathe some more. x

I agree! My teeth feel “sore”??? If teeth can feel sore–it’s hard to explain–it’s not all the time, but often in the roots they feel weird.

[quote=“Poo_therapy, post:11, topic:6947”]
And obvously you passed in again. Well done! Hopefully the horrid drilling recomenced

Just to let you know that I didn’t get ANY dental work. I’m so mortified about dentistry in general that hearing about others’ dental work makes me hyperventilate!!

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OMG drilling is horrid!!! The sound of it alone! Disgusting! I was soooooo scared of the dentist when I was a little kid…our dentist threatened to spank me when he couldn’t pry my hands off my mouth!!!
We got a really good dentist when I was a teenager–day and night difference he was such a sweetheart and so apologetic if something hurt. His novocaine shots hurt like hell, though! I didn’t realize they could be painless until he retired and we got a new dentist when I was in my 40s. Haven’t had a painful dentist visit since–not even the shot!!!
Janeatiu, I hope you can get whatever dental work you need–some people do well with gas and novocaine together!!!

I’d need general anesthetic!

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