Riding again!

Well all, i finally rode horses tuesday. For about an hour or lil more. It felt great to b back n the saddle. I started back on mtx and humira bout a month ago. So hopefully it will work out. My back still hurts pretty good and my leg and knee joints. But its gettin better. I dont feel as tired. But i do think im going thru menopause. Been havin period every 2 or 3 weeks. And the pms hurts so bad. My back especially. But im so proud of myself for ridin again. Gonna go again this weekend. Wish me luck.

That's fantastic. Congratulations! The menopause part. . . Not quite so much fun. Starting MTX and starting some menopause symptoms started together for me, and I just turned 41 yrs old.

Such great news!! It is amazing what a motivation our horses can be. There have been times when I was so sick and in so much pain that I really did not want to leave the house, never mind the bed. I would still try to make it to the barn, at least to just check up on my mare, or sit on her bareback while she grazed in the sun. There was no better medicine. I always left feeling better than I did when I arrived. Now that I am feeling so much better (thank you Stelera, mtx, prednisone and tramadol!!) she has helped to inspire me to get in the best shape of my life. so that when I ride (dressage and a bit of jumping) I can give as much as I ask of her. She is a blessing. I hope that riding provides you the same joy and inspiration that it does for me and that you continue to feel better :)

That's excellent news on the riding part...I can't really comment on the menopause part since I'm a male and all. :) My oldest daughter has an American Saddlebred that she competes on, and she would be completely lost if she couldn't ride.

great news… congrats on on your determination. it’s nice when we can regain something we’ve had to do without because of our disease. I too have been able to take up riding again… motorcyles that is… but not because of meds, but because of technology. I have found a decent replacement motorcyle with an automatic tranny so I dont have to pull in a clutch… as my left hand only has about 20% strength at times… I am still on MTX only and up to 10 pills, with only minor relief so far

Hi-ho Silver! What great news, being able to do somenting you love so much. Having to modify (like Robd0gg has done) isn’t so bad if it lets you do what you enjoy.
Happy trails!

That is fabulous. It is a struggle to ride my boy sometimes and I have had to teach him to stand and give me a chance to get on and off! I hope the pain keeps subsiding and the menopause symptoms aren't too bad.

Hey that is wonderful. I am so pleased for you! Ive just hacked round the block and got a dressage lesson tomorrow. I know how wonderful it is to be back in the saddle. Honestly, my paleo diet and lots of wonderful herbal teas, and i feel like a young un. Best of luck for the weekend .

Good for you, Shanon! This is progress! Always good to hear about a success!


Hey girl! So glad to hear that! I have not been in the saddle for a couple of years. I had neck surgery and I’m afraid if I fall I’ll injure my neck again. My son rides hunter jumper and jumps 2’3" and 2’6" in competition. He’s 10 and makes it look SO easy! Now that my PsA diagnosis has stopped my neck from hurting I am thinking of just trotting and cantering around the ring. No jumping! We own a horse for him to ride and I’ve never even been on her! You are giving me some inspiration! Keep those heels down and ride your heart out!

Made me smile. ♥d it!

Thats fantastic news about getting back in the saddle, well done you :)

I had a IUD fitted (think it was called a Merina coil) and now don't suffer any pms or periods, fantastic and good when you have problems maintaining a healthy level of Red Blood Cells :)

Thanks guys!! I rode again thursday. This time i rode my own horse Beamer. Me and him had the best time. Grabbed a few cold ones and was gone for two hours. I missed him so much. And i could tell he missed me too. Great evening for me. Thanks again for the rePlies. Made me feel all bubbly inside.

So pleased for you :slight_smile: I haven’t ridden since I was in my early 20s but if I feel down I go and visit a the horses at a certain village…the public footpath runs through their field. They are so cheeky they cheer me up, they like to crowd people on the path and nuzzle your pockets, so only horsey people tend to use that path, they know me well now as I’ve been visiting them for a number of years and helped me cope :slight_smile:

You don't have anything in your pockets for them???????? Shame!!!!

Ah! I always have a surprise in my pocket! I was a girl guide and the motto was be prepared :wink:

Oh. I always have something and he knows it. Lol. He a lil spoiled.

tntlamb said:

You don’t have anything in your pockets for them??? Shame!!!

I rode for 4 hours saturday! Beamer acted up a lil when we passed a mini jackass. He reared and tried to side pass his way away from it. I had to get my friend to get on him and ride him out. He tightened his chin strap and that set him straight. Lol. Go back on him and we did great the rest of theday. Was sore from this ride. But no more than workin overtime at work. Took a hot bath and an ibuprofen before bed. Woke up feelin pretty good. Beamer enjoyed gettin out seein new things and new horses. He was full of hisself. But its been awhile since we got away from home. So it was exciting for both of us. U guys have really inspired me to get out there and at least try. It makes me feel so positive that so many people care and actually keep up with what i do. I wanna inspire someone else to do the same. Theres a little pain, but its all worth it. I love u guys!! Thankx so much for caring.

Oh Sharon, well done you! Its so easy to give in and I know some people don’t have the luxury of being able to get out and do things at the moment, but when you start feeling a little better I urge everyone to try something…small steps lead to miles!
Love to hear about you doing something you love and makes you feel good
I vowed to myself I will do something everyday that gives me joy when I started to feel better and it spurs me on…I love my daily fix of joy, its good for the soul x

Yes maam. Its great!! Thankx for the encouragement. Much appreciated.