Fatigue, wholly cow!

Over the past few days, when I get home after work, I have felt incredible tired. Not the type of tired you feel with not enough sleep. I mean this tired that I have never felt before. I feel like all the enery has literally been sucked out of me. It feels so intense that I feel as if I can feel it from the core of my body all the way up to my head. I have heard people complain about fatigue, but wow, is it really this intense?

I will get that sometimes. You are just like a ragdoll and ready to call it quits. When I first was having symptoms before I was diagnosed I was sleeping constantly. The medications I'm on have somewhat help but since Humira isn't working my fatigue is coming back. I completely understand though. I hope you get to feeling better.

yes it is.I find the best thing to do is not fight it and get as much rest as possible. good luck

Definitely can identify with this!! When I was still working even after a good 8 hour sleep I used to feel soooo tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. Some days all I could do was shuffle around papers on my desk. The best was one lunch time (early, around 11 am) I put my feet up, head back and slept and snored my head off LOL. The whole office could hear. I said to them, see, this is real what I go through!!!

I take folic acid for side effects. helped a lot with side effects of methotrexate. can't hurt to try.

I’m sorry, but the fatigue is most likely the disease. If you can get the disease under control, that’s always the best option.

If not, rest, but if you can’t, steroids (bearing in mind that these may end up as a type of unintentional euthanasia).

Im the same way. The pain meds get me through the day. But when i get home im so tired i dont even feel like working in the yard. And i love doin that and ridin horses. Havent rode all year. Bu i believe im gonna ride today. Good luck. Dont let it get ya down. Just do wat u can. And be proud of wat u did accomplish.

Yup, that’s normal. I think the fatigue makes the pain feel worse too. Exercise does help unbelievably. I was a sceptic but it does actually help.

Hi Major,

I am hoping to agree with JenAus that if you get the disease under control, it may help the fatigue tremendously, it will also help the pain, however, I think there will always be those days...

Hope you feel more rested soon!


Hi Major,

Honest, to me the fatigue might be the worst part of PsA. I had a round of it this past spring that made me miserable. In fact, I'm just beginning to get back on my feet from it. I, too, agree with Jen, that getting the illness under control is probably the best thing you can do to try to head off the fatigue days. I try to do as much as I can so I don't stiffen up, but it's tough to move when you feel like crap. Hang in there. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Major yep like all you guys I have days like this too, my pain levels arnt too great so I find the fatigue the hardest part of the PsA to deal with. My motivation is so low when I’m feeling fatigued that it’s making me feel quite depressed. I find as well that it’s the hardest part for people around me to understand too. I’m hoping once my medication kicks in I might feel a bit livelier lol take care x

Yep. I think the fatigue is so intense because the PAIN is so intense. The fatigue comes from the pain. And what's more frustrating is when you sleep and sleep and STILL wake up exhausted, in pain and miserable.

Sorry that you're experiencing the fatigue. But you need to rest. It does help some, sooner or later.

Yeah, I have had that fatigue for years! I woke up echausted and after being at my office for two hours it was all I could do to stay awake. I would take naps during the day and still wake up after 4 hours and be tired. Pain is exhausting. I have never met anyone who could sleep like I did! My Rhumy put me on Lunesta, tramadol and Zipsor and it’s like a whole new world for me. I have not needed a nap in 6 weeks! I hope you can get some help with this. Being that tired turns you into a shell of a person. You are in my prayers.

Very good description of how it feels to me too. To me it is as though all the energy just seeps out through my feet. Concentration can go by the board as well as motivation and it can make me depressed, as others here have mentioned. I am very relieved to be only working part time these days but can often barely manage even then. After six months of medication with salazonpyrin (sulphasalazine) - and struggling with it I think I am now getting a little relief from the worst of the fatigue. But it is still far from gone. People on here seem to understand this fatigue which is a big relief to me as even my consultant doesn't seem to understand that the fatigue is a part of the PsA. I still need regular naps to get me through the day.

When I control the pain, the fatigue gets better. They are correct.

I was wondering,

if my erratic work schedule would be one of the culprets to my fatigue? I work at a quite large hardware store. I don't want to mention the name of the store because working there really sucks. I don't mind the job, what I do mind is the pay, the work schedule and the B.S. Other then that, it is an ok place to work at the big orange box of a hardware store. Some weeks I will do a morning shift, evening shift, then morning shift then, evening shift all consecutive days. Other weeks, I have to work 8 to 10 days before I get a day off. Would this type of work weeks effect my fatigue?

Unfortunately, yes.