Taking the bull by the horns, oh, and Happy Spring, everyone!

I am happy to be experiencing the first warm weather in the south for the first time in many weeks.

YAY, Spring! Unfortunately some of you might suffer from pollen allergies and I can't imagine what it would be like to sneeze continuously with this disease, as it can cause pain just to take a deep breath!

I am hanging in there, waiting for Orencia approval after my Remicade nightmare. I have been on only 7.5 mg MTX for a few weeks and can't tell that is is any different from taking 15 mg, No better, no worse.

My doc said that if we start Orencia I can stop the MTX and I would really like that because I miss my WINE. But that's another story, right Lamb?

I have a question for those of you who take a proactive approach to your care. Here's my situation.

My rheumy is really pretty lax about helping me deal with pain. He won't prescribe pain meds, but my primary will, so I get them from the primary. I don't know how long the primary will continue to prescribe them, so I am wondering of I should go back to the pain clinic.

Also, before I was dx, I went to an orthopod to have the bursae in my hips injected with anesthetic and steroids. it helped to some degree, and I might be able to use less pain meds if I did that, but it means more steroids in my body.

My rheumy will do injections, but seems reluctant, because he says if I keep getting injections we won't know if the biologics are working or if it is the injections. In the meantime, I just want some dang relief !!! I know that if I call the ortho, he will do them.

Do I need to let the rheumy coordinate all of this, or even approve of it or should I just take the bull by the horns and make these appointments and do what I think works best for me?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I appreciate Michael checking up on me today, it feels nice to have been missed.

I am off to do my taxes. Oh, goody.

Hi Mimi,

I replied to your post on my Orencia thread. I hope your approval comes soon! I take both Orencia and MTX. I take 20 MG of MTX a week. I used to take 25 MG but my liver functions were elevated so it was reduced and so far, so good. I have a lot of trouble with nausea and GI upset from the MTX but without it I am in agony. I too miss my wine, well actually my RUM, but I will have ONE drink from time to time, just not on the day I take my MTX. My Rheumy really doesn't want me having ANY until my medication protocol is settled but I reserve it for a special occasion. We still have to live our lives!

I hope that this day find you well and doing your taxes isn't too stressful ;).



Hi Mimi, I am glad to see you. I used to get injections from ortho and spinal but realized I was getting so many injections I really needed to get the disease under better control. If it were one area yes I would get an injection as it wears off you will know if the new meds are working. I was starting to feel like suck a in cushion!