Orencia is in my future. I sure hope it works!

I have just learned that my doc got my insurance approval for Orencia. This is encouraging in light of this information http://www.medpagetoday.com/Rheumatology/Arthritis/25837

He also said I could stop methotrexate with this medicine. I am really looking forward to a large glass, or two, of Pinot Noir to celebrate my freedom.

Hi Mimi...

I am praying it works for you... and I hope you can have a glass of wine... taking it.. I sure wish I could lol.... Im taking Enbrel and it says no alcohol.... but I am also on Lyrica.. and that is also a no no with it... Not that I drank a lot.. I just dont like the idea of being told I cant.. lol

There is one thing I wonder.. how do they determine which one to put you on.. you know Orencia vs Enbrel, etc... I hope I remember to ask the rheumy on my next visit...

Good luck .. and let me know how you do on it...

I am having great luck myself on the Enbrel..

Gentle hugs..


Great news Mimi! When do you get your first dose? Is it an infusion? I will discuss Orencia with my doc during my next visit as an option to replace Remicade.

Great. Best of luck

Great news Mimi I really hope it helps you.

Good luck Mimi!

thats great! hope it works well 4 u!

Best wishes Mimi!! I hope the Orencia works really well for you!!!

Yeah! Great news!! I hope you get great results. Just keep in mind it can take 2-3 months before you start to see results. I'm just so glad it was approved and thanks for the link :). And SUPER BIG HOORAY for stopping the MTX! I wasn't given the option to stop the MTX with the Orencia. I hope that you get a treatment plan that makes you feel great!



Oh Mimi I am so sorry. Be sure to put some triple antibiotic ointment on the scrape; immune suppressed you know. Is he not giving you mtx with Orencia as it is less likely you will build up antibodies? I have no idea, just wondering out loud.

Be careful out there. M

Hi Mimi,

I'm so sorry about your fall!! Please take care of yourself and get better soon!

My doctor specifically said she wanted me to take both (the goal being to get me to a point where I don't notice my joints - YEAH RIGHT!). I take 20 MG of MTX and while it doesn't get me to where the doctor wants me to get, I do notice a HUGE increase in symptoms when I stop taking it (due to illness/antibiotics, etc.) so I know it's working somewhat.

My Orencia infusions are currently on hold (last infusion was late January) so that I can get the Shingles vaccine at the end of this month/early next month. In the meantime, I had a Tetanus shot 2 weeks ago and had an allergic reaction and now a flare-up of terrible neck and jaw pain/inflammation, so my primary care doctor said he doesn't want me having ANY vaccines at this point, let alone a live vaccine like the Shingles shot. He won't even give me my B12 shot right now. I've been running a low-grade fever for a few weeks, too. My primary said that clearly my immune system is upset right now and he doesn't want me to doing anything else to aggravate it. I was feeling pretty good with both the MTX and Orencia but have been struggling without the Orencia, especially the last few weeks.

Anyhow...I am thinking lots of positive thoughts for you :). I hope that you are good as new soon :).

Weren't you supposed to Detox a bit from the MTX BEFORE starting the Pinot Noir??????
mimiB said:

Thanks Heidi ! Did you ask about the MTX, or did your doc just not mention it? I don't know why my doc says I can go off of it with the Orencia. I don't think it is helping me much, anyway. I am down to 7.5 mg an feel no different than I did on 15 mg.

I just fell in my driveway and have a nasty sprain in my "good" ankle and a nasty scrape on my "bad leg.....ugh. It's always something !

I'm doing pretty good. The ONLY reason for a fall like that is if you did tie one on.

I'm sure you have read these:


Only 7% more had better results with MTX than with Orencia by itself. It makes sense to try without (IMO) so therefore I deem your Doc smart!!!!!!

Yeah yeah I know its 42% had an improvement with pain from the combo as opposed to 28% more with function but to determine the difference you subtract and divide by 2 (its like markup in retail..... 50% markup is doubling the price)

I hope it works for you. Keep us informed on how it works out for you. I am not having much luck with Mtx or Enbrel. I wish you well.


I am right behind you Mimi!

I spent 2 hours in the sun yesterday puttering around my garden, can barely walk or type today!

You are in my thoughts and prayers friend. <3

Oh, Mimi! I hope that the insurance company gets their head out of their BUTT and you get your infusion soon! If they've already approved it, I don't see why they'd be balking about it now! Sending positive thoughts your way!

Heidi :)

Congrats Mimi!