Revisit neck issues

Forgive me, but I need t to revisit neck issues.

I searched on “neck” and read everything. Seems many of us have neck issues from the PSA. I wanted to get a feel for the pain from PSA in the neck (ha) as opposed to other sources of pain in the neck (ha).

I have terrible neck problems due to fused vertebrae and vertebrae that need to be fused. C3 and 4 are the only two not fused. They are in bad shape but doc doesn’t want to fuse the rest of my neck. Anyway, I wanted to ask those that have indicated they have neck pain from PSA how it felt.

When C3 and 4 are acting up, the pain feels like bone on bone pain. It has a certain feel to it. I got an epidural a few weeks ago and it helped the bone on bone pain for now. But, I seem to be having a very stiff neck with pain and upper shoulder involvement now. The pain is different. It feels like whiplash pain. Tendons seem to be stiff and hurt a lot.

Does whiplash-type of pain seem to be more in line with PSA in the neck? This pain is different than the bad disc pain. This came on after the last epidural. The shot helped for a few weeks, then this came on.

I am off my Humira due to COVID, but I am wondering with cold-weather returning if that is causing a PSA flare in my neck and upper shoulders? I am beginning to think I am going to need to get back on the Humira.

Some advice from those with the PSA in the neck and how the pain feels, please. Thanks!!

I’m wondering why you’re off of humira. Was there a specific concern that you and your doctor talked about? Right now they’re actually using biologics to treat covid-19.

On the question of neck pain, I have neck pain, but I don’t think it’s related to discs. Mine seems to be more muscular. I do occasionally use CBD oil as a topical, with great relief. I’ll also often use heat or ice as appropriate. I hear you say that the doctor doesn’t want to fuse the rest of your neck. So what other options (aside from shots) have been offered?

I had dropped off Humirain Feb because they were going to do surgery. Then COVID happened and they decided no surgery. I just didn’t start it back because of COVID> I think I am going to have to start back. Whiu\le working from home has been a great relief on my OSA, I think with cold weather coming back things will change a little.

That makes sense then. But if there’s no surgery coming up, and you’re a bit miserable, I would definitely look into restarting.

If you haven’t been medicated for PsA since February, the likelihood of you flaring significantly from PsA is fairly high.

That type of ‘whiplash’ pain you describe is most probably simply the fact that all your tendons ligaments are inflamed too. That’s what whiplash does as a result of the RTA, the force of the crash whips your head/neck and basically inflames the tendons and ligaments. The inflammation often takes a day or two to come out too.

PsA as we all know loves to inflame tendons and ligaments along with everything else. Since you have mechanical neck problems anyway, good ol’ PsA likes to join that type of party as well, given any chance.

I can get neck pain of the sort where I can’t turn my head one way fully. I don’t however have any mechanical issues with my neck but do with my lumbar spine. Like @Stoney I use ice and heat a lot when that happens. However since Cosentyx has taken off for me, I haven’t suffered any neck pain since around this time last year.

The present thoughts on Covid and our meds are saying that it’s better to be medicated to try and normalise our insane immune systems than to face Covid without our meds and a relatively insane immune system. So Covid wise you’re probably going to do yourself a favour re-starting Humira anyway. And if the tendons and ligaments in your neck are inflamed due to PsA, the Humira should help that too.

What have you got to lose going back on Humira?

Doc said the neck could be PSA. I have had actual whiplash before and know how it feels. This is not from any wreck, it just started up. I agree that the mechanical problems I already have cold easily lead to the PSA aggravating the tendons and ligaments.

I think my Doc is wanting me to get back on the Humira also. I was off when COVID started and just stayed off due to parinoia. The cool weather is beginning to be a problem. I’ll think about it more today.

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Know the feeling, only more and more studies seem to be pointing to need to take medication which could help prevent worse outcomes


Can’t win situation. The stress from pain may make me more susceptible to COVID. Take the Humira, and gamble if I get it. I have done pretty good for 6 months off the Humira, but things have been a bit different the last month. Neck, shoulders, feet, and hands have gotten bad. Not sure what the heck is going on in my neck and why it feels like I have whiplash. I’ll decide this weekend if I am going back on Humira.

But what do you think this gamble is? All reports are showing the bigger gamble for us facing Covid is not being on biologics etc. So in effect for the previous 6 months you have been taking ‘the gamble’. Rather than starting now to take any gamble going back on humira, if that makes sense.


That was my understanding too. Hoping you can get back on Humira with confidence - what has your rheumy advised?


My nick pain due to PsA is usually quite inflammatory inside the joint. So it tends to present initially as a dull inflammatory pain that then intensifies, and I often get that sand-inside-the-joint feeling on Rotation.

And I’m going to chime in too as with Poo and Sybil, studies so far are showing you do better ON biologics if you get COVID. So unless you’ve recently had a discussion with your doc and there’s something specific to you, what’s your rationale for staying off?

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Doc sent me an email this morning after I asked what the current expert opinion was. He said they felt it was ok to start or continue Humira.


Nice one! Good luck, hope things improve.

Great to hear Tamac, hope things get better soon - imagine, the extra function and reduced pain from Humira, plus working from home! Hope it’s good :grin:

I did restart the Humira weekly. I had my second dose yesterday. I hope it kicks in soon because I am having a terrible time with pain in my heels.

Looks like it may be Spring or Summer before I can retire and file for disability. I got word last week it would be at least Spring before we go back to work. The State is going to downsize our offices and have everyone share a desk. I don’t think we will be in the office but two days a week when we go back. I was bummed about that. I wanted to retire in January, but I would have no reason to file for disability if we are still working from home.

I have so many things around the house I want to work on. I don’t do much of it now because I know it will take me several days to recover.

I did get the pleasure of having two wisdom teeth pulled this week. That was fun.

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