Restless legs

Hi does anyone suffer with restless leg and feet syndrome especially when the pain from this is worse.
I can’t keep my legs still and my feet actually hurt. It’s driving me mad!!! X

Yes, I wear out my bottom sheet rubbing my feet on them, I have a lot of top sheets…
Sorry no solutions for you, hope you feel better soon!

Hey hun. I have that problem too. I take supplements of vitamin D3 X2 a day and magnesium X2 a day and potassium when it acts up. I also eat at least one banana a day or banana bread when I have had the energy to make it. I don’t take potassium unless I have run out of bananas. 800 mg of Motrin (ibuprofen) also helps, taken a few minutes before bed. Eat as much food with magnesium and potassium and vitamin D3 in them as possible too.
I hope this helps you. It’s horrible when we can’t get the sleep we need because of pain and spasms.


This is similar—I’ve had what I call restless arm syndrome. It’s only happened a few times and I’m pretty sure caffeine is the culprit…I can’t take any caffeine after about 1:00 pm, usually because it keeps me awake all night, but the nights when my arms got all weird I couldn’t put my finger on what caused it other than I had coffee in the late afternoon.
Has anyone else considered it might be caffeine that causes their restless leg syndrome?

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Hi x what type of magnesium do you take? X

I get the cheap kind. We can’t afford the expensive stuff. It seems to help but maybe not as well as the expensive kind. Idk honestly because I haven’t tried any other kind.

That’s a good question. I have cut out all caffeine except my getting up coffee and the occasional dark chocolate and green tea for inflammation. Idk if it really helps but seems to to me. I rarely have rls anymore that keeps me awake. Thank God! But I don’t know if it’s from supplements I take or cutting back on caffeine or maybe a combination of the two.