Leg cramps

I just have an odd question. Has anyone gotten a lot of leg calf cramps lately? I don’t think it’s the Humira or any other medications I’m on but every night for the past 2-3 weeks I get up multiple times with legs cramps in each leg. I tried eating bananas for potassium as that used to help but I’m finding that I flare the day after eating them! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I've had the same thing for the last 3 days in my right calf and thigh.

It could be lots of things, not enough hydration, or mineral deficiency (calcium or potassium), and is even a steroid se,

Bananas are Way down on the list for amount of potassium surprisingly, not even making the top ten, so fear not, there are other natural sources out there.


My husband has the same issue. 3 days ago he started eating pistachios, raisin bran, and I made fish for supper last night. So far no night leg cramps!! Good luck, leg cramps are horrible to get and to watch someone you love get them! I also switched from milk to chocolate silk for more calcium!

Thank you! I’ll have to try some of these things. Obviously just stretching is not enough anymore.

Ow ow ow, I had wicked leg cramps that would wake me up from my sleep. That was before I was diagnosed with PsA. I tried calcium and potassium, but they didn't help. What helped me almost immediately was magnesium, and I have continued to take a magnesium supplement ever since. Haven't had a cramp for a couple of years.

I use magnesium citrate, which is (apparently) well-absorbed. With other forms, apparently, only a small percentage of what you take in actually gets into your system. Mg citrate is hard to find, but Vitamin World seems to have it.

I've often wondered whether night time leg cramps are all part of PsA.


I've gotten leg cramps off and on my entire life, even from a young age, they have just been more frequent over the past couple of weeks. I woke up 4 times with my left leg last night and 6 times with my right leg. I had to take a nap yesterday and today cause I'm up all night with these stupid things! Lol. I'm going to talk to my rheumy on Friday but I just was wondering if others had a similar problem. :) Thanks!

I too have gotten leg cramps, both in my calves and thighs, most of my life. They were the worst 18 years ago while I was pregnant, though I had not been diagnosed then I did have all the symptoms. I have never found a food solution but do notice when I "over do" they are more frquent. I have often wondered if they have to do with the damage to the tendons that happens with PsA. They seem to happen in clusters.