Agitation when going to bed

I don't know if this is related to PsA, since I don't have a "formal" diagnosis, as does my brother ,but there's something I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced. Sometimes in the evening when I first lie down my body starts having twitches all over. I thought it might be restless leg, but it's all over my body. It's impossible to sleep for a couple of hours. I eat healthy, take my vitamins, etc. I gave up diet coke and limit caffeine to one cup a day.
So, if anyone has experienced this, could you please share your advice.
I love this forum, and have found much peace of mind reading your caring advice to each other.

I have experienced it from time to time. Three things seem to handle it for me (well 4 as the fourth involves valium I won't count it) A heated mattress pad turn to high on top of a 2" memory foam topper (the topper is different than a memory foam mattress) taking gelatin for a few days and eating a banana or taking a potassium supplement (banana is better if works)

They also sell a supplement called "restless legs" that works but its pricey so use the other to good effect

I have this, and have yet to remember to talk to my doctor about it!

What helps me:

- eating a banana a day

- 4 inch memory foam topper for my bed

- taking magnesium right before bed

- putting a heating pad on my back as I'm falling asleep (I use a "rice sock" which is microwaved and loses its heat - it's not recommended to fall asleep using an electric heating pad)

I have had this intermittently. I have a prescription for a muscle relaxant that I take 1/2 a pill of when this is a problem.

Thank you, I'm sorry you have this same problem. I'll talk to the Dr. on Monday.