And too add to the fun

So my doctor called me about my leg and said sounds exactly
like restless leg syndrome. Then she proceeds to tell me that the
Internal Medicine doc I saw thinks I have fibromyalgia as well
as PSA. They think that is why I have so much pain. So… Now
I have my right leg feels like I have been basking in the sun. Not burning
but, warm like when your arm gets warm from the sun in your car.
When I sit down it feels as if the seat is warm on the right side only.
The left leg; although restless; feels normal. No pain or noticeable redness
in my leg but a warm feeling.???
So, now I am feeling done in and doomed. I would live to just
feel better. I also would like to reduce the amount Of meds. I mean really…
They have me on meds for the side effects of meds. My poor liver and kidneys.
Is there any hope? I am feeling VERY overwhelmed. Eek.

Anyone have a warm leg or any ideas? I have to wait until Monday or
go to ER as we have no clinics open on Saturday. This sucks.

No warm leg, no ideas. But I'm sending warm thoughts and good wishes your way.