Just need a moan

Been in constant pain and not sleeping properly for months, dr now says I have fibromyalgia aswell so more medication which isn’t working so have to go back and see him as he also says my blood results came back high this week so need to discuss What we are going to do next, just give me something that works!!! I’m just feeling very frustrated,is there ever going to be an end to this pain? I just want to go back to normal and get back to work:(

Here's my question. . . How did the doctor diagnose fibromyalgia? Tender points? These are the same place that you might have tendon inflammation? Fatigue? That too can be part of the disease. Is your PsA under good control?

In the meantime, I hope that you can get some relief soon. Sleep especially, is such an important part of feeling well.

Good questions. Yes he felt tender points and yes fatigue I don’t seem to have any inflammation at the moment but he has said something is showing up in my blood work and wants to see me to talk about it. I just seem to be in pain everyday.

HUGS I hope you find some relief soon!!!

So sorry you're hurting so much! I hope you can see your doc soon and you can get on some meds to help.

Over on the fibro boards, they have a very active "group" in their groups of folks with both diseases., You find some info there as well.

I will say this though, without a positve FM/a test there is no way in hell I would allow a FM diagnoses to hung me. It is still a junk DX for wsy too many and more often than not an excuse for not being able to treat your PsA. We need to remember this is rare among the arthritises, lots of rgeumys lack GOOD experience in treating it.

Fibromyalgia, as a diagnosis, scares the snot out of me. To me, it signals that the docs have no idea and therefore, fibromyalgia. It also signals the end of searching for the cause of pain. I won’t let my doc stick it to me. I’ve been a nice patient and tried 4 different drugs for it (one that I am still trying to wean off of after 3 months) and none have worked. I don’t have depression, nor a positive exam, nor fatigue, or any of the other criteria. I don’t think I would accept if eve if I had a mildly positive exam. With this diagnosis, it is best to have overwhelming evidence that this is the right one.

Fibro rant done.

Now that’s out of my system! I am sorry that you feel crummy. It stinks. There are other things that can help, like PT, counseling, gentle exercise, stretching, hot baths, ice packs, etc… Try adding some of these to your arsenal. They can make you feel better even if you don’t actually have a whole lot of change in your symptoms. A year ago, I took off on FMLA for the full 12 weeks and prior to that, I had used all of my vacation time and sick leave. I used that time to figure out how to LIVE even if I never got any better. It took a lot of time, but it got it figured eventually. Physically, I am no better than a year ago. There are days that it hurts to walk or grip a pen, but I am back at work (YAY!!!) and I am trying to live my life. I learned to cope and it has had a huge impact on the quality of my life.

If the drug is not making you feel better then it’s time to see the doc and start to wean off of it. Please be careful about the drugs that are tried for this condition as many must be weaned over time. Ask the doc how they are discontinued if they don’t work. Also, read up on fibro. See if that really describes how you are feeling. It may be that you don’t agree with that judgement, and you would like to keep looking.

I hope you get some answers and better treatment soon. If you need anything, ask.