Hello all!

I figured I would try and post something slightly happy and upbeat today.

I had a checkup with my rheumy today and he told me that my arthritis is in remission! I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed when he told me! The way things were going, I NEVER thought I would end up in remission. I couldn't be happier right now.

However, I still have to stay on my Humira and Methotrexate for a few more months to make sure I'm in FULL remission, but that's alright with me.

I wish I could share my happiness and hopefulness with all of you that are suffering. It kind of makes me sad to think that I'm better, but there are so many of you that are suffering every day. Just please know that you all are in my thoughts and some day you will all get your arthritis under control!

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Congratulations! That is very exciting.

That is wonderful! Dont go crazy now !!! I too saw my rheumatologist and said I am keen to stay drug free after 21 years on drugs. I am still well after five months xx It might not last for ever but I am enjoying every day to the max !

Awesome :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):slight_smile:

That's great! I'm curious though, how is it determined that the disease is in remission and not just the treatment is working?

I'm doing really well on the Humira 3x per month. Remission would be wonderful, just curious how that's determined.



This is great news! Do you follow a special diet? What's your exercise routine like?

BonnieJean1975, my first question to my rheumy was "Wait, how do we know for sure?" He told me that he had felt NO fluid in any of my joints and he asked me a series of questions about pain. He said that since I've been pain free with no swelling in my joints since the end of August, I'm in remission. Also, a huge factor was the fact that I haven't been able to take my Humira for over a month and I've had no pain or swelling.

That's fantastic! You give us hope :)

Angie, I guess you could say I somewhat follow a special diet. My meds were causing my body to reject A LOT of normal foods I would eat all the time. Basically I HAD to cut out beef and pork. I HAD to cut waaaaaayy back on my dairy intake (down to small glass of milk a day) and I cut out soda and caffine. I was horribly addicted to caffine so that was the hardest. I HAD to cut out fast food, basically anything greasy. And I limited my intake of sweets. I found other foods to replace the foods I had to cut out and I feel healthier now than I have....ever! But in my case, I HAD to cut these foods and drinks out of my diet otherwise I would be confined to the bathroom all day! Sorry for that visual! Lol. But if it wasn't for the HAVE TO, I never would've cut that stuff out of my diet on my own! And as far as exercise, I can thank my 3 year old son for keeping me active. But, I don't do anything that great. I trying to go for a short walk every day and then my job is physically demanding, so I get exercise from that with lifting things. I am trying to figure out a low impact exercise routine to try, but trying to find the time to do it will be the challenge!

Thank God your in remission! I am hopeful that we can all be able to say this!

Thanks for the info Morey! I try to follow pretty much the exact same diet that you are, and also try to add in as much omega 3 as I can in a day. I can absolutely feel the difference when I decide to just eat "whatever" for a few days. I was in close to the same boat as you for awhile, then got hit with a nasty virus and went spiraling down into the depths of PsA grossness, but I seem to be pulling out of it pretty quickly. Please keep us updated! If you are looking for something to help with motivation for exercise, have you considered a 5k walk with the arthritis foundation? I'm a team captain for the DC area walk, and have done one previously. they are really fun and non-competitive.

I've had a remission from Enbrel (lasted 2.5 yrs), but I had to stay on the Enbrel. Once, 20 yrs ago, I had a remission that I could stop all meds for. Hopefully you have a long remission!!

How does the doctor know that you are in remission?

I am SO happy for you!!!! God is good!

That’s really great news! Very pleased for you…thank you for sharing the news too because it gives us all a lift.
A good low impact exercise is Shibashi Tai Chi (taught by my OT) and your son can do it too! There are some book and dvd combos I’ve seen to help you do it. :slight_smile:


I am so happy for you

but i wish i was in remission :-(