Remicade effectiveness test

My rheumy wants me to have a Prometheus Anser IFX blood test. This test measures Remicade levels and also amounts of Remicade antibodies that may have formed. The cost is $2500. My insurance will not cover this as they consider the test investigational and not medically necessary. I cannot afford $2500. Has anyone here had this test done?

There are some very good reasons to run that test but they are IBD related. If you want to wade throigh Insurance companies reasoning here you go:

I gues I would be asking my doc why he needs a blood test to see if the Remicade is working? I would think it would be fairly obvious.

He is 100 miles from my home so I can't just leave work to see him. My wife and I both work at medical facilities with labs and could get the blood draw there, then have the results sent to his office.

What about telemedicine? An appointment via Skype or another video service?

I've never heard of this test. I'm glad you posted info about it.

do you feel that Remicade is working for you? better than Enbrel or another??? Just wondering...

The Remicade seems to be working for the most part. However, I have noticed pitting in my fingernails is returning. That's why my rheumy wants this test done.