It seems my Rheumy doesn't think that the Humira is working as well as it was. I am having some issues again. She wants to start me on Remicade. Has anyone had the IV Infusions and can you share any information with me?

Hi Robyn, I haven't had Remicade personally but many, many members here have. You might want to try the 'search' facility at the very top of the page.

I'm interested why your rheumy is suggesting Remicade as the next step from Humira. Did she explain that? Here in the UK I'd expect to try Enbrel and Golimumab (and others) before Remicade was even a consideration. Is it to do with your insurance?

I believe those should have been used before the humira but at the time there was something about the side effects that could be an issue

OK, checked out the past posts. Now I'm worried.

Robyn, I know there are some negative posts about Remicade, but that goes for all of the biologics. I think if you read further you'll find that a lot of people have good things to say about Remicade. I've been interested in Remicade because I think it's the only biologic medicare supplements will cover and I'll be on medicare in a few years. I was so deathly afraid of starting a biologic and ended up having no SEs from Enbrel. I hope the same is true for you if you start Remicade. :-)