Red spots under skin in palm

I am 2 days post first Enbrel shot. Side effects I have noticed so far are itching everywhere from time to time, and EXTREME thirst. I wake up out of a dead sleep from cotton mouth. This morning my eyes were also dry, I needed to use eye drops…& thats a first for me.

Now this evening I am getting very tiny bright red dots in the palm of my right hand. They don't hurt nor itch.

Anyone have any clue as to what that might be ? Tried researching the web, didn't find much.

I definitely had the thirst. Enbrel caused severe dehydration. Make sure you drink PLENTY. As for the dots, that’s a first for me. Go ahead and call the Enbrel support number. They have nurses available to ask questions.

Never heard of red dots either. The dehydration usually comes later as the med "kicks in" One of the largest components of inflammatory disease is dehydration. When on DMARD or Biologics, instead of the normal half ounce of water per pound of body weight, it should be at least an ounce. Otherwise, you will have a hangover and be tired.

Hi Jen. I had the severe itching after my first Enbrel shot too. Had red spots also. I took Benadryl when the itching got bad which helped. It went away after the second injection. Hang in there. I hope you get the wonderful results I got from this wonder drug.

My dr told me that Enbrel may cause a mild psoriasis outbreak as a side effect but nothing serious. My one and only psoriasis outbreak was exactly what you described- little red dots in my palm that itched then got flakey. You might want to call your doc or google it, though. Good luck :slight_smile:

Don't know if it's the same as what happens to me, but I get the little red spots on my palms. For me that is my form of pustular psoriasis. Mine look like tiny pin pricks that eventually itch. They are little blisters under the skin. They will often merge together and cause my palms to be crusty and tight. Then my skin cracks and the cycle just continues. Mine don't itch all the time, but when they do it's so bad that I can't get it to stop. I've been woken in the middle of the night scratching. Maybe you are having a psoriasis flare along these lines? I just took my first injection of Embrel yesterday... I'm praying this doesn't flare for me.

I had the extreme itch all over for about a day ( didn’t happen next injection - just a localized reaction). Not too sure about the red dots though - the only precaution I’d suggest is to google petechiae - if they look like those it would be important to get them checked by a doc etc, if not I’d say they are just the usual first response of your body to a new and rather unusual drug :slight_smile:

As with Bertsdeb, I so hope you get the amazing results I got on Enbrel, and you are laughing about the itch and spots in a few months time :slight_smile:

Before I have a flare the psoriasis on my palms starts up. It’s like an early warning system for me. Small red dots that then become pus filled, like an ant bite. Then the all over itching starts. I just use it as a sign that I need to go ahead and start rest as well as keeping the stress down.