I started taking Embrel. I had my first dose at the docs office because I wanted to make sure I did it right. Evrything went fine. Last Saturday I had the second dose and everything seemed fine but on Thursday morning I noticed a rash at the injetion site. It seems so weird that the rash would show 5 days after. The rash is bumpy and its tender and itchy. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be a side effect or allergic reaction?

Do you take a benadryl or claritin so something before you give yourself the shot? That was one suggestion my rhumey gave me to help prevent this from happening.

No I guess mine didn’t anticipate this. His office was closed because of the holiday. I’ll double check on Monday. I wasn’t sure if I should take the dose tomorrow or wait until I talk to him on Monday.

If the rash is bothering you you can take either Claritin or Benadryl (generic of both is fine). They are over the counter and really do not interact with any other meds. We use to tell pt's to take Claritin during the day as it won't make you drowsy. Benadryl works a little better but can make you drowsy. If it is only a little itchy you could use over the counter hydrocortisone until your doctor's office opens and you can check with them.

Thanks for the advise. I’ll try the hydrocortisone.

You are welcome. I am really not giving medical advise just an old nurse's musings!