Rare Disease Day - Feb. 29th

I just got my newsletter from Bens Friends (Yay for Bens Friends!!) in which they mentioned February 29th is Rare Disease Day. Since an earlier post asked if there was a ribbon for arthritis and someone shared the information that blue ribbons represent arthritis, why don't we try to share some information about PsA on that day. If we wear a blue ribbon on February 29th, I am sure others would inquire why and we could share some information about PsA and maybe get some awareness going. Many of us avoid talking to others about it because others don't understand but the key to understanding is knowledge. If you do not feel comfortable letting people know you have the disease, you wouldn't have to tell them you have it but it may be a great starting point to educate others about the illness.


Long time since I spoke to you, hope you are keeping well!!

I got that e - mail today also and was trying to think of a way to mark February 29th so can I just say that is a brilliant idea, as I know for a fact here in Ireland very little is known about PsA and if I Google it none of the results generated are Irish sites unless I include my Rheumatologist's name in the search. Cool idea, let me know how it goes ... ...


Great Idea!! I am so going to! At my University college students are always wanting to learn more about stuff so it could be good.

Thanks for the idea