Psoriatic Neuropathy

Has anyone developed Psoriatic Neuropathy? I have an atypical derm presentation of psoriasis (shows up only when my skin is cut, thought it was just delayed healing), so the Neuropathy was discovered first. It was not until I showed my father in law my wound site from the biposy (two months after the surgery) that he said it was a form of psoriasis. So, it was a back door diagnosis to the neuropathy. My labs have not been too predictive of the diagnosis, but everything else. fits.

By the way, I absolutely love this group. I have been reading a lot of your posts and I have been getting more and more excited. I have been saying to myself "I have that symptom, holy crap, I have that symptom, too. Double holy crap, I have been told that this symptom was due to something else for years" and so on. Thanks to all of you for sharing.

Welcome here, Travis!

Psoriatic neuropathy? As in ... ??? What symptoms are you referring to?

What I had for several years was tingling and prickling in the feet -- more in one foot that the other. I also had foot pain. Doc originally thought the tingling was related to my slightly elevated fasting blood sugar, and the pain to my being overweight. I fixed the FBS with diet. I lost weight. I got orthotics. But the tingling got worse. So doc did nerve conduction studies. Nothing wrong (they said).

Meanwhile, the pain in my feet got so bad I couldn't stand :-) it any more. That's when I went to a podiatrist, who found bad inflammatory arthritis in the middle of my foot. Long story short, it's psoriatic arthritis. Oh, and my longstanding nail fungus is, yep, psoriasis. These days, by the way, my feet burn and have numbness more than they have tingling.

But back to the psoriatic neuropathy you asked about. What symptoms do you have?

Are you going "Double holy crap" again? A lot of us have that reaction on this board!


Hi Travis!

Welcome here! I myself have had a whloe lot of "double holy crap". It has been good to find others with the same disease and reading everyone's way to live through it has been most helpful to me.

When I read your post, it sounded like an experience I had in 2007. Then Seenie posted hers and I thought "yep, that's what mine was". I had it bad in my left foot; tingling, numb, and heavy. Could not walk on it without sending myself through the ceiling. I went to my primary, thinking I broke my foot or something, he took an x-ray and said he didn't see anything. I took that x-ray to my rhemy and he said your foot has a whole lot of inflammtion going on there. He uped my Remicade and since then, no problems with the foot outside of everyday ache and pain.

Recently, I have experienced the same problems with my left arm and hand. My rhemy diagnosed it as the same problem and has me wear a wrist brace when it flares up to help take pressure off. That has helped quite a bit more than I thought it would. I have not experienced it as much this past month just by doing that simple brace.

I hope you will soon find out some more information about your situation. You must be informed to make the best possible decisions to help. Wishing you the best always!

Thanks Seenie and Anne Marie. The nerve conduction test showed that I have a bilateral neuropathy, but the neurologist sort of indicated that all of the pain symptoms did not make sense. It make sense now. I had a combo of symptoms going on. Does anyone know of a good rheumatologists in Colorado?

Of course the pain symptoms did not make sense to the neurologist! But that's the thing with this disease: a symptom here, a symptom there, symptoms seemingly unrelated, and none of it makes any sense to any one person. I had a bit of stubborn toenail fungus (that I just gave up on and decided to live with), peripheral neuropathy that the neuro couldn't explain, and sore feet that the orthotist couldn't fix. My PCP wrote off my elevated crp, metabolic syndrome, and fatigue to my being stressed and overweight (that is to say, my own fault). It wasn't until there were erosions visible on the x-rays that the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together. At first they said RA. But when I started researching arthropathies like a madwoman, I announced to my PCP that I had PsA. She laughed and said "all right then...". I went to the rheumatologist, and sure enough, that's what she thought too.

And now I'm here with the rest of you, double holy crap, and it ALL makes sense!

But wait, there's more! I forgot to mention the carpal tunnel syndrome that didn't improve much after surgery.

Update three+ years later, in case anyone searches the site for “carpal tunnel”. The wrist that had had the unsuccessful CT surgical release showed no improvement. Then the left CT started to act up. But I had bigger fish to fry: 2012 was the year of the gap. I tried DMARD after DMARD. My rheumatologist thought my disease was mild. Then my hip suddenly crumbled and had to be replaced. Both CTs were terribly bothersome, but I was focused on my hip replacement and my PsA. I went for a second PsA opinion and was told that my disease was severe. I started Enbrel, which was my only option


In short, Enbrel gave me my life back, and coincidentally, the CT problems improved greatly, to the point that I now get only mild and transient symptoms. And the foot neuropathy is also greatly improved. I’m sure that this too was part of my PsA. Makes sense: swelling and inflammation in the tight quarters of wrists and ankles causing nerve issues. What an interesting disease that we have!

So now that I’ve dug up this old thread, how are things going for you, Travis and Anne Marie?

Seenie, you and I know all about foot neuropathy (and I'm sure we're not alone here). I had it so bad I described it as walking on a bed of burning coals with hot spikes sticking up--felt like I was performing a circus feat! Although ice packs helped temporarily each day and Nortriptyline "cured" it, I'm thinking the foot pain I have now--even though it's on the tops of my feet and it's not neuropathy, is related to or damage caused from that neuropathic pain.

April of 2015 is not so far from August....I looked for something about that on this website but I didn't find it yesterday. I have just gotten a diagnosis yesteday of neuropathy probably due to "rheumatic disease" hahaha. I had nerve conduction tests and bled a little bit on the sheet. I think it already starting to go away on my good leg. I am waiting today for a call from the rheumatologist about what to do. I suspect it will be discussed.....I am getting pt for the broken ankle now, so this just doesn't help. Thankfully it is not painful really, just numbness of the skin. I hope there is something to take, I don't have a problem with more medicine! It's good to hear that it can go away, I look forward to that, and it not getting any worse.

I was given Nortriptyline for my foot neuropathy-that was a few years ago, before I started anything else for my PsA. But 10 or 20mg every day of Nortriptyline for awhile (I don't remember how long I took it--maybe a year?) And it was "cured" for a long time. I ended up with minor pain in the tops of my feet for awhile. But that was nothing compared to the neuropathy. Now, about 3 years later, I'm having more serious foot pain, but I'd take Nortriptyline again if my neuropathy comes back as bad as it was. It was a godsend!