Psoriatic arthritis and lyme disease

I am seeking information from anyone on this site that can give me insight on treating psoriatic arthritis, while also dealing with lyme disease.
Immunosuppressants cause lyme disease symptoms to flare. Thankfully I don’t have joint damage at this point. Are there any natural treatments for psoriatic arthritis? All replies are greatly appreciated.

Hey Vicki,

don't know if you tried this yet but I just typed "Lyme Disease" in the search box (top right) and came up with quite a lot of hits about PSA and Lyme Disease and treatments. You may want to scour those answers as a place to start.

As for natural treatments for PSA--well there are plenty of things you can do to help but the only things that actually arrest the disease and the ravaging effects of the disease (irreparable joint damage) are DMARD and biologic medications. Everything else just helps ease the symptoms (pain, swelling, inflammation). There's every reason to try natural approaches along side conventional medicine but be sure to talk to your doctors as some suggested natural treatments cause significant problems with the drug protocols and you might actually cause yourself harm.

Good luck!

No information on this. I just am wishing you luck with this. You can use natural treatments to support your treatment. I'm curious though about the Lyme disease. Is this a current infection? If so, why can't it be treated and then you can continue on to proper treatment for PsA.