Is this psoriasis? Like a very dry gray patch of skin on both knees.

What’s your doc saying?

she never comments on my skin or nails.

I think you need to ask a dermatologist.

Doesn't look like any type of psoriasis to me but really needs to be seen by a Dermatologist to know for sure.

Are you on your knees alot? Does it improve if you keep it well moisturised? Is it itchy or get sore? Some skin types discolour at the slightest trauma ..... I get all kinds of discolouration, for example, where clothes rub.

It was psoriatic plaques on my knees that helped with my diagnosis but mine were much more inflammed beneath the white plaque than yours look as if they are. I'm with everyone else, this is a question for a derm.

Well for what its worth- I think that it could be psoriasis. It's gray and scaley looking and then there is a psoriasis caused from trauma--Koebner??--anyway-if you are on your knees alot then you are more prone to getting an outbreak in that area.