PsA and Weather

Anyone’s PsA get worse or better depending on the weather?

Thunderstorms put me in great amounts of pain. Hurricane Irene is heading our way, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to function at all.

We had a warm day last week, and I had a really bad day and the swelling in my feet was really bad!

Cold, wet weather does make my PsA worse. I live in Idaho and we had a long cold winter this last year and I really suffered. I took a couple of trips to Arizona and felt quite a bit better there. I have felt a lot of improvement over the summer, but do notice when storms are moving in.

Thank goodness my husband was home during the hurricane! I was able to take tramadol ... and a three hour nap ... and got through the day but my joints HURT and my fingertips were so swollen and painful it was nearly unmanageable. What a relief when the hurricane was past us and the sun came out!

My joints tells me there is a correlation between weather changes and flares. I am there too.