Psa and the lungs

I know that PsA can effect the soft tissue organs of the body but what specifically can it do to the lungs? I have been having a horrible time with asthma and allergies this winter but am not wondering if PsA may have something to do with it.

It could. Heres an interesting article its about As (one of the forms of PsA) but gives an idea of what going on:

I'm not one of "natural options" but I have noticed in my own "life" that an increase of "bad" carbs and gluten which I tend to eat more of in the winter (comfort food) comes with an increase of PsA symptoms and the lung stuff

Prior to my diagnosis I was being treated for pneumonia and pneumonia like symptoms. Coughing so bad I cracked several ribs. Short story, went through every specialist - allergy, pulmonologist, heart specialist, asthma specialist - the list goes on. I was on over 12 different Rxs daily. Had to stop working for awhile. Stopped all meds, then said - now let’s figure out what’s going on. Turns out to be PsA. It does attack my lungs in addition to skin. As such, I can’t take Mtx. Have been on Enbrel which gave me back my life, but am starting to see diminishing returns. Will probably try Humira next.

As if PsA is not enough, here's an article that also links psoriasis and PsA with TB. So be extra careful.