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What is a specific test or tests used to show if heart and lung disease can be caused from PsA? I ask this because four years ago after a nasty bout of the H1N1 Virus, I was diagnosed with COPD (never smoked or been much around it or any other toxins that I can remember) and a Heart Condition called Diastolic Dysfunction. During that time, it was not known if these were pre existing conditions that I had no symptoms of, or if it was damage from the H1N1 Virus. I have had my trials and tribulations over this past four years including a diagnosis of PsA, unfortunately this past several weeks has been one continuous nightmare for me that started with pneumonia that wouldn't get better, to having fluid drained from my lungs, to having a warning episode of a potential heart attack, to actually suffering from a minor heart attack to the most recent, my liver functions are off and will be having an ultrasound in the next day or so, all the while still sick with pneumonia. Lots of fun NOT. I have been doing a lot of reading of new and older posts in this forum, as I could do little else. This forum bought me some level of comfort away from my own miseries while reading about others. (am sure that is not what this forum is for, but it did give me momentarily mental breaks from my own issues). Its hard for me to keep things clear in my head, and have had difficulty to write this as I am not sure if it will make sense to any of you who reads it. Anyway, through all the jigs and reels of doctors, hospital stays and pain and misery, I finally asked my doctor if any of this can be related to my PsA, I love that he has become much more aggressive with my care of late and he said he wasn't sure if there is a relation or not, but WE were going to find out. This information is not only important to me, but also for my son. Its important that what we do today will have an impact on our children's and grandchildren's lives, especially when we are talking about disease that can be heredity. I appreciate a response from anyone who has any info or experience with something like this. I am tired of being sick and tired and want my life back, even my PsA life with my regular pain is much better than the hell im living now

The link is pretty clear. Here's a pretty good article that reviews a lot of the recent literature:


I'll be anxious to see what your doc does. The problem is that "links" isn't the same as cause. Everyone of your heart/lung problems is also involved with inflammation.

So here is an example; Say you have an ingrown toenail and its swollen up and every time you touch it, you scream with pain. If you soak it take some tylenol et etc the swelling goes down and you can put you on your socks. Was the problem the inflammation or the ingrown toenail itself.

The first thing your doc will do is see if something is broken with your heart There is all kinds of tests (avoid the one where they strap you to a table and hold you upside down right after lunch) is it a valve electrical problem etc etc. All the wile they likley will be treating you with cardiac drugs some of which will make the PsA drugs seem like Sweet Tarts.

Even if they find a problem and fix it, there may be a need for treatment. A bit of my story: I had an ablation early on in this process for arrhythmia walked out of the Hospital the day before Thanksgiving 2 hours after being zapped and was lined up for black Friday with my daughters at 3:00 AM the next day. Made it through the whole shopping day. Prior to that I hadn't traveled much more than between my bed and Bathroom for a while.

Then I was visited byour old frine Pneumonia and of course the inflamation (didn't know it was PsA at the time) and went into Heart Failure (for those who keep track of things my ejection ratio was 27%) Lots of meds lots of work etc etc.and some improvement. Somewhere along the line I had a bad flare of the P they put me on MTX and all the other goodies and it was a few months and my ejection Ratio was normal. Not a heart med since and have a Echo cardiogram annually.

My personal belief is that we ALL should have a regular Echo. It will get better for you. We have lots of great research and tools for the heart. With PsA on the other hand we still have docs around from when it wasn't a disease yet. (they used to think it was a form of RA

I am sorry things have been so hard for you lately Easternlady. You are in my thoughts and prayers. It will get better but takes time.

Thank you for that link, I have tried to read it several times and the distance from my eyes to my brain must of been blocked by a brick wall cause nothing stuck or made sense, good thing I consider myself fairly intelligent lol. I will wait till the fog that has settled over my brain goes away before tackling that article again. I have been on Tiazac XC 180mg for the past 4 years and have many more medications added this past several weeks, I'm not sure if they are long term or just for the present. I feel horrible that you went through such a horrible ordeal as well, but it gives me hope that I too will get though this in one piece. If they do that test on me, which is gonna flip me around in a million directions, I will be sure to not eat until much later,, might only mimic the rocking boat sensation that is always with me lately.

Michael, thank you for your kind words, means a lot to me

I have trouble with a foggy brain when the inflammation is elevated also. My eyes go first, then I develop a cough, then I can't think myself out of a paper bag then my joints swell. It will get better I promise. Did you print it out to read later? Once the inflammation starts fading it will make sense. I hope you feel better soon.