PsA and the dentist

I suddenly seem more sensitive to dental treatments, does anyone happen to have any suggestions on how to minimize flares when you go to the dentist for basic dental care?



Hi Brenda,

I have never had a flare up caused by going to the dentist, however there are other triggers that cause flare ups in me. One of those triggers is travel, which I have to do a few times a year. My dr. gives me a low dose of prednisone to start before travel and to take during the trip. It has worked well to prevent the flare ups. Maybe your dr. could do the same for you before your dental visits. I have been thinking about asking my dr. for a steroid shot next time before I travel. To me, knowing your triggers and trying to prevent flare works better than trying to calm down a flare up after it happens.

Hi Brenda,

I talked with my dentist and hygenist when I starting having problems after dental care - teeth, mouth, jaw & body muscles pain etc. We put together a plan that has been working as best as can be expected for a couple of years now. I schedule the visit to be the only (or as near as possible) major activity for the day; take a couple of naproxin about an hour before the visit and rest before going. They schedule me so that we can take breaks during the procedures so I can move around and not have to keep my mouth open and I'm not tilted at uncomfortable angles for such long periods at once. Then go home and ice the major pain areas.

I'm not sure if this helps, everyone's 'flares' are different and described differently. I can't say I had what I call a flare from dental visits but there was a great deal of increased pain for a couple of days afterward.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely give them a try. I spoke to my rheumatologist and she said it was from holding my mouth open too long during the procedure. I guess my jaws are another spot I have to be careful with, I couldn’t eat solid food without taking a pain pill first for over 2 weeks after my last dental visit so scheduling time for breaks will be my first test when I go back.