Today I started a course of Prednisone (steroid) to try to reduce pain and swelling and other symptoms of a minor to moderately severe flare-up I've been experiencing for about 2 weeks. I had a tooth surgically extracted about 3 weeks ago, and the surgeon told me not to use steroids until after the extraction was healed, so I have been waiting to start it.

Also today, I went to my appointment at Dr. Palwai's office. He took me off all NSAIDs (ibuprofen), and started me on Diclofenac Sodium anti-inflammatory (when needed for severe inflammation). I'm also instructed to take Tramadol for pain.

And, the big news is: Dr. Palwai told me that, since the treatment courses he has been trying are failing, perhaps I should seek another opinion. I'm more than just a little concerned about this. Is there a problem between the doctor and me? Did I do something wrong? Or, is he truly just trying to help me get the best possible care. As he put it, "It probably wouldn't hurt to get another head working on it, since my condition is worsening and nothing is helping." I think I'll just go with that option. Will be checking on appointment with Lori's doctor pretty soon.