PSA and foot/ankle pain

Is it possible to have PSa in the ball of my foot? My left ankle as well. This stuff spreads somewhere new every day.

Definitely possible. I had x-rays on my feet two years ago. I have "arthritic changes" in the ball of my foot under my big toes on both sides and smaller degrees of arthritic change on the ball under my little toes. I also have left Achilles tendon involvement and some trouble with the plantar fascia on both feet.

Regular foot massage seems to keep the plantar and other foot trouble at bay--other than the left Achilles, which acts up for no reason every now and again.

There are loads of bones in the feet & therefore loads of joints. So yes, they are a prime PsA site unfortunately. I'd imagine many (most?) of us experience foot pain and damage is not uncommon.

There is something else that can happen to the balls of the feet with inflammatory arthritis .... the fatty pads get thinner I think and you therefore feel as if you're walking on stones. I'll look it up but maybe someone else knows more about that.

The disease does go roaming all too often doesn't it?

Oh yes, most definitely, certainly yes! MTP joints - balls of the feet! It's where it started for me ... and continues ... now got some damage showing up on x-ray. Plantar issues as well, including signs that the insertion point on my right heel is starting to calcify ......

Ditto for me. My pain started in my back and has settled in feet now predominantly. There are many other places like most people and yes they move around daily. Reminds me of sports teams, you have your solid starters but everyone gets a chance to play sometime!

I constantly feel like I am walking on sharp stones. My Achilles tendon is so sore that I have trouble climbing the stairs sometimes.

All this winter the balls of my feet have been inflamed ...about as much control as roly poly man from Noddy

There's pain with it too...while not completely fixed I have certainly noticed some improvement since about week 8 of arava