Post Holiday Craziness

Good morning to all my new friends. It seems like ever since Thanksgiving I've been pushing every envelope of what I should and can do, and I am now paying the piper. I'm sorry I've been AWOL for a bit, but I've spent the last week & 1/2 either frenetically moving and doing or sleeping. (Too much of the former and not nearly enough of the latter).

I could give everyone a play-by-play, but it would bore you all to tears, so suffice to say Christmas and Newmas were lots of fun, but I'm glad they are over. From Friday morning - Sunday night I got about 1/2 hour of sleep, made chili and cornbread for 30 ppl, spent the majority of my time in the kitchen helping with food prep for all the other meals, and got a lot of quality one-on-one time with my great nephew (2 months old and the most adorable kid in the world). Last night (new year's eve) hubby, youngest son, and I went to a movie, then came home and went to bed. :) I sent my oldest back to Austin with my nephew and niece yesterday morning (sad face).

So now I have only one more Christmas to get through (my stepdaughter, her boyfriend, and the grandkids), but I've already warned everyone that I am not cooking another Christmas dinner, and in fact, will likely not do much of anything. I'm worn out, and my first Remicaide treatment is January 6 (the grandkids are coming January 8). Hubby will probably pick up pizzas or some such thing, and we can just sit and visit. I remember from when I was on Remicaide before, I was fine the day of the infusion, but for a couple days after my stomach was....uneasy and I tended to sleep 18 hours a day for 2-3 days after the infusion. We shall see if this run will follow the same course.

Anyway, that is my current life in a nutshell. I hope that this new year will prove to be one of healing and joy for all of you, and that everyone's PsA will spontaneously go into remission. Wouldn't that be amazing?!?

I’m exhausted. Just reading your post! But it sounds like your holidays rocked!

LOL I keep catching myself dozing off while watching tv. Guess that means I haven't completely recovered yet :D

That would be amazing. Here's hoping for spontaneous remissions!