Plant based diet

Hi all!
November 8th I went 100% plant based diet. I had been off all medication for Psoriatic Arthritis for many months prior to this and in a lot of pain and basically feeling desperate.

I feel probably 90% better. Just from the plant based diet. It has been so amazing to don’t see myself ever changing that. Most of my pain was in my low back and feet/Achilles. If I really overdo it (like yesterday at legoland with my kids) I’ll get a little sore. Other than that. It’s been life changing.

Just wanted to share that experience.


That’s very impressive. You might have gotten similar results from a major overhaul that wasn’t 100% plant based, but sometimes we need a hard reset. That’s really wonderful for you.

I’m curious why you had originally come off the meds?


I was suffering from extreme depression partially circumstantial and partially Otezla. Stopping the Otezla helped the depression. My liver enzymes were too high with methotrexate. I was overwhelmed by it all and decided just to stop. My inflammation and pain was out of control anyway so it continued for a while.

I began reading about a plant based lifestyle just because I like to read and decided wth I’ll try it. My results have been phenomenal.

I started it with these super good green smoothies for two weeks everyday as well as eating food but I feel like they healed me. Lol. It’s sounds kind of crazy. But it’s truth and I keep drinking smoothies just not everyday

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That’s great you’re feeling so much better. I’ve certainly self-advocated when medication hasn’t agreed with me but always onwards to trying something else until I found what did agree with me and was controlling damage. Thing about this nasty sneaky disease is that it can still be doing damage even if we feel ok so I hope your rheumy is still monitoring you for disease activity.


Yes thank you for that reminder! I moved a few months ago and I need to find a new dr. Because I feel good hasn’t been on my radar but I know it needs to be done.