Paleo style of eating WORKS (for me ...)

Hi all,

I just thought I'd tell you that I took a huge risk and STOPPED my Stelara, which I took for both psoriasis and PA. The first thing I did was do a month long clean out of my body strictly following the Whole30 plan outlined in "It Starts With Food" (Dallas and Melissa Hartwig). Being very active in Crossfit, I was already very familiar with the Paleo style of eating, which many claim have made them healthier and stronger than ever. After the first 30 days were up, I continued to eat strictly Paleo and waited to see if my symptoms kicked in once the Stelara wore off.

It's simple. I eat meat (including eggs and fish - all meat grass fed or wild only!), veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds. This includes daily consumption of the excellent fats of olives, avocados and coconut. I do NOT eat: dairy, legumes, sugar (outside of some fruit and a little honey) or any grains, especially ones with gluten!

I am now 3 months overdue for my last Stelara shot and have ZERO arthritis and MINIMAL psoriasis (compared to what I would have had). In addition, I have had many other significant benefits from eating this way, more than I want to go into here. I am also getting help from a naturopath who is helping me heal my gut and immune system (after all, that's where the problem starts) and we're working to control the small amount of psoriasis I still have. So yes, that is involving some supplements for now as we work to stabilize things. But I am controlling my PA and psoriasis WITH MY FOOD CHOICES. And it's working. I just thought I'd tell you because I'd be willing to bet it would work for a lot of you too. The book I recommended above outlines the entire Paleo style of eating and why it's beneficial - and outlines the Whole 30 plan down to the smallest detail. It's worth it. I hope it helps some of you too. :-)

Glad to hear that you've gotten such relief, and I hope it continues.

Glad that works for you right now! Best wishes.