Past, present, and future

Last night I woke in the night because my pain in my neck,shoulders and hands were so excruiciating I was literally crying out from the pain. I knew I had to get out of the bed and change to a better position. I was crying stifling screams. This was severe bad as my dislocated hip. I know pain. I know severe pain and I have to say this was the most pain I've had in my PsA history....I was struggling to wake up and struggling to find a bearable position. I know that down the road and probably not too far down the hill,I will be experiencing that type of pain on a daily basis.

I am getting an MRI on Monday on my cervical spine. The last one I had was in 2006. The results of that test back then was for doctors to take my pain seriously and they treated me with more compassion. I know that there have been masses of deterioration since my last MRI.I don't know that there is really anything they can do. My pain doc wants me to have injections in my neck and SI joints bilaterally....I just am waitng for a call back from my rheumy so I can ask him that question.

I've had injections before in my Lspine and in my hip and in my shoulder. Non of them were effective and the mild improvement I got lasted only a couple of days. I am not holding out much hope that these will be any better. But I'm desperate. I cannot bear that kind of pain for any length of time.I know its coming. Who could endure that kind of pain for any length of time.I cannot. I'm tough about pain.It takes a lot for me to blow my cool about pain. But this pain is so horrific it is unfathomable . I pray that God will not allow me to have that kind of pain for long....

My family is of no help. All they can think about is their own needs... I have nothing to keep me here in this place of pain. Praying for mercy.

I apologize for my whining yesterday. i had the same kind of pain this morning but this morning I wasn't broadsided. I was prepared.slowly and carefully moved each joint so carefully....gently and cautiously ...i kept moving until I was doing it without gasping or crying...It wasn't easy --but I didn't....freak out about it today.I was saying ":okay suckah....this is how its gonna be? I'm ready for you." I made it to the kitchen and got my brand new coffee maker cranking....and here I am....My right hand is a baseball mitt. I feel as frozen and rusty as the tinman in the Wizard of OZ..

Bring it on.I'm ready for you.

You are not whining - you are venting. Big difference and what this forum allows you to do. It is hard for people to just look and understand how tremendous the pain can be. I was sitting at my pc in my loft- 3 feet from a couch, and 8 steps from my bedroom when a flare hit. The pain was so intense I couldn’t even crawl to the couch. Ended up staying where I was for hours. All my husband knew was that I came to bed late.

PS - the Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie. Tin Man is a bad a$$,

I'm so sorry. I've have some bad bouts of pain as well. I find it hardest to deal with when broadsided late at night. Once I'm "in the zone" with the severe pain I can cope ok, as long as nothing wrecks my equilibrium. Hang in there and don't feel bad about venting. It's important to let it out and know you are not alone.