This so far has been a horrible winter for me with PsA. First, shoulder surgery so no enbrel or methotrexate for a month then took my first shot of enbrel after surgery and developed a wicked stomach virus and flu so no enbrel injection again! I’m trying to deal with it the best I can but some days I just lose it! I had epidural injections in my neck about 8 days ago and the pain is back so much for that and my knee is so swollen above my kneecap it’s difficult to walk! Had a MRI of the knee waiting for results and see the orthopedic surgeon on 1/13/12. Hoping I don’t need more surgery can’t deal with it any longer! Filed for social security disability about 3 weeks ago and god knows what I will have to go through with that! It took a lot for me to make the painful decision that I could no longer work with this condition! I was a legal secretary for 22 years and I just can’t sit in that chair for 8 hours a day typing and lifting heavy files I was just so stiff and in severe pain! People think oh your sitting but sitting for extended periods of time is not good for me it causes me to have severe pain when I finally get up from the chair not to mention my wrist and hand pain from typing! I’m trying also to make the painful decision of seeing a surgeon for my neck problems that just keep causing me to hAve severe neck and arm pain! I have bulging discs impinging on my spine at c3-4, c4-5, and c5-6. As well as joint inflammation of the zygapophyseal joints in my neck. They also found a tumor on my T2 vertebrae (hemangioma of the bone) that they claim don’t cause pain but I have pain just where the tumor is! As you all know this disease can really kick your butt! I try to keep my chin up but some days it’s harder than others! It’s hard to accept that your whole world is changing! I’m so glad to have found this website and I am able to read stories so that I know I am not alone with this crippling disease! I’m only 44 years old and sometimes I feel like 80! My psychiatrist had to increase my antidepressant another 10mg because I was struggling so badly. Thanks for listening and letting me vent! Prayers to all and please try and have a pain free day! Thanks jojoclose

My heart goes out to you. I have had psoriasis since childhood and just got the official psa diagnosis. For over a year I was in agonizing pain in my hips, lower back. The inflammation was almost unbearable. I have filed for my disability and am in the appeal process now. I hope things get better for you.

That is alot to deal with, we all have our struggles and some are very different in need, but just the same, it touches our very being and we come to a point where we have to make decisions and those not being easy for you or your family at times. Depression of course can be a result of having to live day to day with pain and the struggle of understanding and managing our pain. My heart goes out to you, and I understand just how you feel, you have had alot to deal with, as of alot of members. Just remember you are never alone and we are always here to give support even if we do not have answers, we do have understanding of the complications and emotions that come with PsA. My prayers are with you jo.joclose, and I sure hope you have some better days ahead.......HUGS!

HUGS to you!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story! I'm 37, and in the past year have gone from having a fairly active lifestyle (hiking 7 miles through CT hills with a 20+ pound child on my back) to getting around in a wheelchair or with 2 canes. It's been a lot to deal with. Between the medications I'm on for the PsA and the pain and my other health issues, I'm not able to take antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, and at this point I think that's my biggest challenge. I'm so happy for you that you have that option, as this isn't something that's easy to deal with in any way, shape or form!

Hi JoJo, I am so sorry you are going through this journey and in so much pain. As someone who has had a spinal fusion, think very long and hard before you have the surgery. I would try every type of treatment out there to let it heal naturally before going under the knife. What eventually happens is you wear out the vertabrae above and below your fusion because they will take all of the twisting and "torque" that your fused vertabraes cannot. I had a major fusion in my early 30's for a congenital defect. Now I am so frustrated by constant pain I am in on TOP of the PsA pain. As my doctor says to his patients "the best way to avoid a second back surgery is to never have the first one". I will add you to my prayer list and know that others out here don't mind when you VENT. (Heck, I do it all the time!) :)

Hugs, Lainee